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Altruistic Sums Up Who Peter Nygard Is To The Core

The list is long and varied of Peter Nygard’s giving to causes around the world. Everyone who
knows him tells of his compassionate nature.

When you review the many charitable gifts Peter Nygard has given over all the years of his life,
it’s amazing to note the millions of dollars to organizations, athletes and individuals in medical
crisis.’s definition of “philanthropy”— altruistic concern for human welfare and
advancement—sums up who Peter Nygard is to the core.

A fascinating story from one of the many examples of Peter Nygard’s giving was the time he
gave a $10,000 donation back in 2011 to a stranger he had heard about who was involved in a
good cause.

For about 30 years at that time, Josie Poitier had been holding an event for individuals from all
religious and ethnic backgrounds. She was a catholic and a member of Holy Redeemer Church in
Miami, Florida. However, she felt that individuals of all religions should be able to put aside
their differences and come together for at least one day. So each year at the time of Passover,
Josie would host a Good Friday Brunch.

Josie was not a woman of means; it was always a struggle. And as Miami Herald reporter Bea
Hines wrote back in 2011, “Every year, Josie would share with me, ‘I don’t know how I’m going
to pull it off, but I know God will make a way…’ And He did. The funds would come in and
Josie would be able to feed a number of senior citizens and children’s group.”

That year, Peter Nygard was in attendance and here’s what the article, “After Years of Giving,
Volunteer Gets Recognition From Peter Nygard”, reported Nygard saying:

“‘As a boy, I had a friend whose parents owned a restaurant. One day I went with him to the
restaurant and my friend put two slices of bread in the toaster. I was so hungry, and I knew one
of the slices would go to me. When the toast was done, my friend buttered the first piece and ate
it. Then he buttered the second slice and ate it, too. I was so disappointed. I never forgot the
incident and I said if I ever had the opportunity to share my toast, I would.’”

Hines explained what happened next: “When Nygard finished telling the story, he said ‘Now, I’d
like to share my toast with Josie.’ He called Josie to the stage and presented her with a check for
$10,000. Josie was clearly in shock. She stood wide-eyed with her mouth open. ‘It was such a
surprise. I kept thinking, God is so good. I never expected this.’”

Peter Nygard had heard about Josie’s efforts, and simply out of the goodness of his heart decided
to help this woman do good for others.

Many individuals have great stories to tell of the significant impact Peter Nygard has had on their
lives from his benevolence.

Peter Nygard’s Integrity Led To His Unprecedented Success

You can’t reap rewards in business if integrity is a ‘sometimes’ affair. Over his fifty years of
business success, Peter Nygard has demonstrated this wise sentiment expressed by Brian Tracy:
“There should be no exceptions to honesty and integrity. Integrity is a state of mind and is not
situational”— Forbes article, “The Importance Of Honesty And Integrity In Business”.

Peter Nygard’s consistency of being honest in his business dealings shows that this is a part of
his character, who he shows up as every time. It set the foundation for him to be able to reach
unprecedented heights of success in his business that is still going strong today and in an industry
that is experiencing a number of department store closings.

Peter Nygard is a credit to his parents. He grew up within a household where honesty and
integrity were essential values that were not just espoused but demonstrated. The story is told
that after Peter Nygard’s father, Eeli, achieved his lifelong dream of opening his own bakery, a
customer forgot his five cents change and Nygard’s mother, Hilkka, ran down the street after the
gentleman to give him his five cents change.

That’s the example that Peter Nygard grew up with, an upbringing that instilled in him the
importance of honesty and integrity at all costs. So it’s not surprising that a twenty-five cents
overcharge on a buyer’s order gave Peter Nygard a sleepless night until he was able to figure out
the error and return the difference in the form of a check to the department store buyer.

In his article, Brian Tracy explains that integrity means doing the right thing because it’s the
right thing to do and that great leaders never compromise their honesty and integrity by cheating.
He cites the Enron example, which shows that dishonesty in business doesn’t pay, at least in the
long term:

“There are many examples of temporary winners who won by cheating. For a number of years,
Enron was cited as one of America’s most innovating and daring companies. The CEO of the

company knew the most important people in the country, including the President of the United
States. Except that Enron’s success was built on lies, and the “winners” who headed the
company are case studies in lack of integrity.”

Many of Peter Nygard’s early decisions and business moves required the support of business
associates. He wouldn’t have gotten very far without it and Peter Nygard’s integrity allowed it.
Thanks to the examples of his parents, Nygard developed a strong character where honesty and
integrity were not a choice but a requirement. As a result, Peter Nygard was able to build a
fashion empire that has thrived for more than fifty years because of a foundation of honesty and

Peter Nygard Consistently Demonstrated Honesty In Business Dealings

“There are, basically, three kinds of people, the unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and
those who become and remain successful. The difference is character.”

Multibillionaire Jon Huntsman, Sr. (as quoted by Brian Tracy)

There is no end to the number of individuals in the world who are seeking to make their fortunes in one way or another. If you did a survey, among those efforts you’ll find countless instances of
‘get-rich’ schemes that are questionable at best and illegal at worse.

As Jon Huntsman suggests, what cannot be underestimated is the role of integrity in long-term business success. Peter Nygard built his business success of fifty plus years on the right foundation, that of honesty and integrity. And it’s important to note that the level of success that Peter Nygard has achieved doesn’t happen from pretending to be honest. It has to be an integral part of one’s business.

The experience of returning the twenty-five cents overcharge to a buyer is not a one off for Peter
Nygard. Consistently demonstrating his honesty set the foundation in stone of Peter Nygard as an
‘honest broker.’

One of the most important principles in the industry at the time was maintaining retail prices of
the products across the board. Buyers would have to be guaranteed that nobody else would
undersell them. This was an important principle to Peter Nygard that he sought to maintain at all

His company received an order from a new account that he had been anxious to have as a buyer
for a very long time. They placed a large order.

The next day, the goods were shipped to them in Alberta, Canada. Immediately, the store
dropped the retail price of the products. They had a sale going on for a third off everything in the
store including Nygard Fashion’s brand-new Tan Jay clothing. All of Peter Nygard’s other
buyers were calling him. They were quite upset. He had to find a way to honor his word that the
retail prices on his products would be maintained across the board.

Peter Nygard gave one of his employees $56,000 to travel to Alberta to buy back all of his goods
off the floor of the store. Even on sale, Nygard paid more for the products than he had sold them
for. It left him in the hole by thousands. But at the end of the day, that store had no Tan Jay
inventory left. All of Peter Nygard’s other buyers were very pleased. In a show of support, to
help him out for what he did, the other buyers placed orders for the products he had bought back.

Meanwhile, Peter Nygard expected to lose the new account. He had ruined their sale. But he
didn’t. They thought it was a bold move, but they were still prepared to do business with him.

In this industry with questionable ethics at the time, Peter Nygard established a very strong
reputation for honesty.

Canada's Fashion Dynasty

The Nygard Family - Canada's Fashion Dynasty - Kai, Alia (who's expecting her 2nd baby), Peter Nygard, Xavier, Jessar & Alia's husband Derek
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10 Curvy models rocked the runway showing a range in sizing that it is truly for everybody and everyone's shape.

Breast cancer Survivor models became the stars of the show walking the runway in Tan Jay and inspired the audience with their bright smiles, courage and bold personalities.

The Winnipeg Blue Bomber Cheer and Dance team performed for the crowd, Nygard Slims is the official clothing sponsor of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Team stunned the crowd with performers soaring into the air wearing Nygard Slims performance.

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Peter Nygard, A Man Of Good Character

It takes a man of good character to take an 8,000-dollar investment and turn it into hundreds of millions over the years. Why? Because conducting business in a way that achieves that level of success requires being trusted. No one can argue that being trusted denotes good character. From the start, Peter Nygard developed a reputation of being an honest broker who could be fully trusted. And that’s the foundation his business was built on that allowed his exponential success.

The story of Nygard’s success is filled with fascinating anecdotes of how Nygard forged bonds of trust with the various individuals he did business with. One such anecdote was of a time he spent a sleepless night trying to figure out why his numbers weren’t adding up with the charges to a particular department store. When he finally figured it out, the issue was that an additional twenty-five cents per item had been charged by mistake. The next day Nygard wrote a check to the department store to correct the error.

That story spread like wildflower throughout the business community because it was an industry that was considered a bit vicious in business dealings. While many were amused that he actually wrote a check to correct the error, Peter Nygard became admired for his level of honesty, especially because this represented only one of several situations in which Nygard’s level of honesty and trustworthiness were on display.

A quote by ethics professor, Michael Josephson, sums it up well: “People of character do the right thing even if no one else does, not because they think it will change the world but because they refuse to be changed by the world.”

It fueled Nygard’s success. In a large multi-level global company, you are dependent on many individuals to conduct business successfully. It’s very difficult to succeed in business at Nygard’s level without the trust of those around you and those you must do business with on a regular basis.

A case in point is the relationship Nygard built with China decades ago when other countries were on the outs with China. He didn’t just build a relationship of trust with the Government but with the Chinese people as well.

Besides Nygard’s avant-garde fashion styles and the benchmarks he sets with his innovative fabrics and designs, one of the things Nygard fashions are known for is its high quality. How does he achieve this? Factories owners and workers bend over backwards to produce the level of quality that is required because of how highly Nygard is regarded. They know that a standard of excellence is important to Peter Nygard, so they ensure it happens.

Nydard’s known to have given out business loans to various entrepreneurs around the globe and he has invested in all of the communities in which the factory workers live. As a result, Nygard is beloved around the world.

In Finland, from which the Nygard family emigrated, the veterans are very appreciative of how much love and concern Peter Nygard has shown them over the years with his many donations to the veteran’s care facility and to the Finnish veteran causes.

In The Bahamas, Bahamians love Peter Nygard for the millions that he has given to various schools, community groups and medical funds in the Bahamas. And The Bahamas Olympic teams over the years are very grateful for the sponsorship that he has given to allow many athletes to live their dreams of participating in Olympic games.

The admiration Nygard holds in the eyes of many around the world can be understood from reading a Forbes magazine article about characteristics of highly admired people. Author Paloma Cantero-Gomez attributes admiration to characteristics like integrity, compassion for others, having a big vision and inspiring others, all of which Peter Nygard can boast.

Paloma suggests, “Compassionate leaders are simply empathetic. They know how to put themselves in other's shoes, and they practice it regularly. So they listen, understand, and comprehend others around.” If there is one thing that everyone who knows Peter Nygard can attest to is his compassionate nature and endless giving.

Nearest and dearest to Nygard’s heart is the initiative to eradicate cancer. Cancer research around the globe has benefited from Peter Nygard’s generous nature. To date, Nygard has donated over 20 million dollars to various organizations, such as the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation and National Breast Cancer Foundation.

However, the reputation that Nygard has built that’s most important is integrity. As Paloma expressed, “Integrity is about transparency. About doing what needs to be done but in the right way.” Nygard correcting his twenty-five cents mistake with the department store that purchased his clothing showed his desire for transparency and always doing the right thing.

Peter Nygard has always displayed a number of admirable qualities over the years that no doubt has led to his remarkable success and level of admiration from world leaders and individuals everywhere. Many will attest to the fact that Peter Nygard is a man of good character.

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Peter Nygard with Arlene Dickinson and Donovan Bailey

Peter Nygard & Arlene Dickinson & Donovan Bailey at VIP AMBI Gala at #TIFF16 in support of Children's Aid foundation.

The Children’s Aid Foundation is Canada’s leading charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth involved with the child welfare system. We support and deliver a broad range of high-impact programs and services that directly serve vulnerable young people across Canada. Our programs address the many complex needs faced by our kids in the four key needs areas of education, healing and recovery, enrichment, and prevention. In addition to programs that we deliver, such as our Post-Secondary Scholarships Program, we work in partnership with over 50 child welfare agencies and youth-serving partners Canada-wide to impact our target population.

Together with our donors, the Children’s Aid Foundation serves children and youth at all stages of their involvement with the system, from infancy to adulthood. It is our mandate to support the evolving needs of these young people, like a nurturing guardian would, throughout the course of their development until they are able to achieve stability and independence.

We rely completely on the generosity of our corporate, individual, and foundation donors. We do not receive government funding, and are the only charity in Canada with the reach and capacity to strategically raise and grant funds to deliver local, regional, and national programs for this uniquely vulnerable population of kids.

To visit the Children's Aid Foundation click here.

Peter Nygard’s benevolence in the Bahamas

It’s a sunny and beautiful day in The Bahamas, but not for the icon of Bahamian Junkanoo culture, Winston Gus Cooper. The Doctor’s pronouncement? “It’s a brain tumor.” Everyone immediately sprung into action. The situation is dire. Gus needs to be airlifted to Florida for immediate surgery.
But there’s a problem. The hospital requires $250 thousand dollars to admit this icon to the hospital. “Get the Prime Minister on the line!” Prime Minister Christie laments the situation—it’s a Sunday afternoon. Despite his best efforts, he cannot mobilize his Government to gather the resources on a Sunday. His suggestion? Call Peter Nygard.
Meanwhile, fashion mogul Peter Nygard is out on the ocean enjoying the beautiful day. He is racing a sailboat in a regatta with the great Bahamian musician and sloop sailor, ‘King Eric’ Gibson. But of course, the humanitarian, Peter Nygard will help!
Nygard instructs his daughter Bianca to grab the paperwork, jump into a small boat, and head out to sea to meet him. There, on the deck of a sailboat, Peter Nygard signs the documents providing $250 thousand dollars for Bahamian Icon, Winston Gus Cooper, to be airlifted to Florida to receive immediate brain surgery. This, for a man he had never met before!
Yet, this is only one of several instances of Peter Nygard’s benevolence. Carlos Mackey tells a similar story. Motivator and Youth Developer, Carlos Mackey was afflicted with cancer and Mr. Nygard had only recently met him. Nygard took Carlos Mackey for treatment to one of the best clinics there is—the Mayo Clinic in the United States. Peter Nygard paid for everything and even stayed with Carlos during the surgery. The cost? Over $200 thousand dollars.
Read the full story here.

Peter Nygard with long time friend Tanya Tucker

Peter Nygard with country singer Tanya Tucker
On Saturday May 12, 2007, hundreds attended fashion mogul, Peter Nygard's special appearance at Dillard's Galleria in St Louis, MO, where he personally showcased the PETER NYGARD & NYGARD Collection Spring & Summer 07 collections.

The high-energy fashion show started with a VERY SPECIAL surprise performance by long time friend & critically acclaimed country singer/songwriter Tanya Tucker.

Read the full story here.

Peter Nygard combines technology and fashion

50th anniversary TBT: Tributes to Peter Nygård from singing artists Tanya Tucker TV personalities MSN Live & Direct Rita Crosby extolling the Rags to Riches story as he launches his flagship New York World Headquarters.

Peter's journey has seen him rise to the number one position in women's fashion in Canada and renowned position in the industry.

Today Nygard is considered one of the top Canadian companies when it comes to information technology and by far one of the finest companies in the world when it comes to combining technology and fashion.  No one does it better!

Peter Nygard's Technological Ingenuity

It’s a fascinating look into the bricks and mortar setup that contributed to fashion mogul Peter Nygard’s success, as we continue with an inside look at a poor boy turned multi-millionaire.
NYGÅRD International was said to be such a success in its use of technology that their inventory and warehouse fulfillment systems created an additional logistics business for Nygård. Other clothiers have contracted NYGÅRD for order fulfillment.
Peter Nygard explains the source of his motivation for the technological innovation in his company in the Women’s Wear Daily 35th anniversary feature of NYGÅRD:
“I always marveled how well Fedex tracked their parcels. I walk by an airport and see all those screens, this huge system that tells people where they should be and at what time. I look at the stock market ticker tapes, can order a piece of a stock and see it actually happening before my eyes. That’s what I wanted. With Vcom, everything we do is at the speed of thought.”
After goods are sewn, affixed with proper hangtags, hung on hangers and bagged, they are scanned into the Vcom system, allowing the computer to track them as they are loaded into containers and shipped to the California distribution center.
“It is virtually like an air traffic controller knowing which containers are coming in and which priorities we should deal with based on the color of the screens,” Chaves said. [Ernie Chaves, VP of Logistics]
Once at the distribution center, Vcom lets employees know how much time they have to scan the garments. It inspects their quality: 65 percent of suppliers are certified and can bypass a quality audit but the computer automatically triggers a sampling on every 10th shipment or so, and guides them on what and how many pieces should be picked, packed and, finally, shipped.
Audits keep track of how fast goods are wending their way through the system.
Peter Nygard was said to have sat with computer developers for hours and hours working with them to design this system to his specifications. Well, it all paid off since NYGÅRD is the standout in the industry with its logistics and other technological innovations.
Such streamline of processes and improved efficiencies no doubt contributes greatly to Peter Nygard’s multi-million-dollar success.
Read the full story here.

Peter Nygard Success Was Inevitable

There is no magic formula to create high levels of success. Yet, if you study those who have achieved remarkable levels of success, like fashion mogul Peter Nygard, you can clearly see the elements that made their success even inevitable.

One of the challenges we face, especially in the workplace, is the lack of attention to details. You’ll even hear people refer to themselves as a ‘forest’ kind of person or as a ‘trees’ kind of person—meaning that they are someone who focuses on the big picture or someone who focuses on details, respectively.

While a big-picture focus is important for strategic thinking, effectively executing strategy definitely requires ‘trees’ thinking.

In studying what Nygard did to create the level of success he’s had in his business, you can’t help but realize that it is obvious based on the way he worked.

Peter Nygard has a reputation for paying uncompromising attention to details. It is said that he took two years to develop his revolutionary SLIMs pants, that he spent one week with fourteen-hour days just designing the waist of the pant.

Read the full story here.

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