Most people talk about Peter J. Nygård, Chairman of NYGÅRD (International), in terms of his classic rags-to-riches story – the Finnish immigrants' son, who stitched up an empire out of women's clothing and is now the quintessential self-made man. This story overlooks another side of Peter Nygård – a hard driven man who has created a standard of excellence for the Canadian Women’s Fashion Industry, whose label is the #1 recognized label in the Canadian marketplace, and whose signature is recognized in fashion centres across the globe.

Peter Nygård’s success story began when he gathered his life savings and borrowed $8,000 capital to purchase 20% of a women’s garment manufacturer with $800,000 in annual sales, which within a few years he owned outright - renaming it 'NYGÅRD' & turning it around from near bankruptcy into the bustling dynasty that it is today! The speed with which Nygård claimed his #1 position in the industry is attributed to the uniqueness of his business decisions and his work ethic that includes 14-16 hour days/seven days a week. But then again, as Nygård says, "The only time you are working is when you wish you were doing something else".


Welcome to the exciting World of 
Peter Nygård!

Daisy Patchwork Cold Shoulder Top

Exposed shoulders are having a moment.

This festival-worthy top embraces the trend and elevates it with ties at the sleeve.

The regular size is 28" long and this printed georgette top is made of 100% polyester.

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Nygard 50 years FBF 2016

Peter Nygard and actress Suzanne Somers pioneering health initiatives and anti-aging at Raadfest in Miami ...

Alicia Kay talks Nygard Fashions ...

50th Anniversary TBT: TV host Alicia Kay talks about key fashions, staple items and what is referred to as the "Essentials Package" during the Summer 1996 fashion show.

How Peter Nygard saved his business

So how did fashion mogul Peter Nygard save his business when faced with threats to his business in the late 80s?  Remember, department stores were looking to move away from polyester products, which was Nygard’s core product.

Well, the first thing he did was pay attention to his intuition that told him the industry was making some moves that could drastically impact his business.

The way Nygard saved his business was to use his intuition, conduct the risk assessment, identify a strategy to mitigate the threats, ensure long-term survivability, and put himself back on top as the industry leader in the new trend.

This was Nygard’s approach to every situation because the bottom line for him is to always be on top. Is it any wonder that he took a failing business to a level that reaps rewards of hundreds of millions fifty years later?

Read the full story here.

Studded Tulip Hem Pull-On Ankle Jeans

These denim ankle pants have a studded curved hem, front pockets, a pull-on waistband and a faux fly.

The regular size has a 27 inch inseam with a 12.5 with a leg opening.

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Nygård Style Direct FALL Fashion Launch 2018

Join us Friday AUG 10 for our Fall 2018 Fashion Show. Stylists along with their guests are welcome to be part of the fashion fun for a $10 admission. Doors open by 7pm, the show starts at 730pm on the 5th Floor with our stylist models celebrating style & fashion for the coming Fall season.

Nygard Style Direct is celebrating our official 2nd year of business. This is just one of many events throughout 2018 as Nygard International celebrates 50 years of success. Independent Stylists across North America have been spreading the word about Nygard, through Style Shows our mission is to help you Fashion your Future -- Real Women in Real Style.

Stylists -- Remember to get your tickets for Sat & Sun AUG 11 & 12 for workshop and training too!

DATE AND TIME - Fri, 10 August 2018 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT
LOCATION - Nygård International 1 Niagara Street Toronto, ON M5V 1C2

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Cold Shoulder Tie Sleeve Top

This cool top is the answer to this season's hot weather!

Here's a cold shoulder top with decorative ties at the sleeves and a contrasting trim.

The regular size is 25 inches long and microfine blouse is made of 94% polyester and 6% spandex.

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Peter Nygard's beginnings

Where it all began.  Peter Nygard bought his first property in 1959 - a cabin in Falcon Lake, Manitoba.

Bianca Nygård 2005 photoshoot

50th Anniversary TBT: A behind the scenes glimpse of our Bianca Nygård photoshoot.