Most people talk about Peter J. Nygård, Chairman of NYGÅRD (International), in terms of his classic rags-to-riches story – the Finnish immigrants' son, who stitched up an empire out of women's clothing and is now the quintessential self-made man. This story overlooks another side of Peter Nygård – a hard driven man who has created a standard of excellence for the Canadian Women’s Fashion Industry, whose label is the #1 recognized label in the Canadian marketplace, and whose signature is recognized in fashion centres across the globe.

Peter Nygård’s success story began when he gathered his life savings and borrowed $8,000 capital to purchase 20% of a women’s garment manufacturer with $800,000 in annual sales, which within a few years he owned outright - renaming it 'NYGÅRD' & turning it around from near bankruptcy into the bustling dynasty that it is today! The speed with which Nygård claimed his #1 position in the industry is attributed to the uniqueness of his business decisions and his work ethic that includes 14-16 hour days/seven days a week. But then again, as Nygård says, "The only time you are working is when you wish you were doing something else".


Welcome to the exciting World of 
Peter Nygård!

Millionth pair of NYGARD SLIMS sold

The coveted NYGARD SLIMS successfully intermixed on-trend fashion and maximum comfort. It has hip and thigh compression features resulting in a significantly slimmer appearance because the SLIMS technology lifts, shapes, curves and sculpts the lower body.

Peter Nygard appears to be a creative genius in this way and his insight into what’s really important to women in fashion and fit, as well as his effective delivery of it, have paid off handsomely for him.

Women fashions have been around since time immemorial. Yet, it is only now that you have such a product in fashionable women slacks with Nygard’s patented technology that does exactly what women want every pant to do for them.

Experts say that creativity is one of the most important factors in business success. We can see this demonstrated in Peter Nygard’s successful achievements with NYGARD SLIMS.

Nygard also used his creativity in creating Nygard Cay here in The Bahamas. When the Cay was barren, he was said to have sat high up on a structure on one end of the Cay, thinking and imagining and creating his dream in his head.

Peter Nygard supported and developed sports in The Bahamas.

This is a country on an urgent mission to inspire and motivate the young generations to develop into responsible citizens capable of being responsible leadership individuals, and one of the most effective disciplines in the preparation of those management and leadership activities is sports.

Peter Nygard has made his particular mark in his contribution to the advancement of sports in this country.

For more than two decades, even as Peter Nygard has successfully pursued his career as an outstanding fashion designer around the world, he has remained committed to the promotion and funding of various sporting disciplines, particularly among young Bahamians.
Recently a local sports publication perhaps most beautifully summed up the legacy of Peter Nygard as follows:
“Peter Nygard is an exceptional person person where he has committed to establishing The Bahamas as a dominant power in sports internationally. His financial support comes with his involvement as well.
“His compassion for The Bahamas and for our success resonates with his many contributions  to all areas of The Bahamas’ growth whether sports or the environment. However, sports  are his baby, as he is  a very competitive person himself and a former athlete.”
It is true that in today’s Bahamas there are other millionaires and even billionaires, some of whom are daily enriched through their various investments and enterprises. Yet few come anywhere near to the status of Peter Nygard, who has made it clear that no stumbling block cast in his path will dull the edge of his generosity.
In fact some time back a section of the media commented that over those years perhaps no other person has contributed more to the support and development of sports in The Bahamas.

Peter Nygards Mothers Remarkable Life

Child of Lamposaari is the Authorized Biography of NYGARD Fashion Matriarch Hilkka Nygard.

It details the remarkable life of Hilkka Kanerva Nygard, who left her beloved Finland and came to Canada with her husband Eli and their two children, Peter and Liisa, to escape the threat of Communist domination.

Child of Lamposaari is not only a tribute to Canadian immigrant mothers everywhere, but also a tribute to the lands they left behind and to the great country to which they came.

Peter Nygard delivers fashion clinic to students

The buzz of anticipation could be felt in the auditorium as more than 200 students from Central Jakarta’s LaSalle College waited to meet top Canadian fashion executive Peter Nygard.
Nygard delivered a fashion clinic to the eager students in their college’s lecture theater. The designer was visiting Jakarta for a couple of days to open his store within Pacific Place’s Galeries Lafayette, which is featuring Nygard’s exclusive ready-to-wear labels for women, branded Peter Nygard and Bianca Nygard.
“The fashion industry can be a very beneficial and rewarding industry for all of you,” he said. “It certainly is for me.”
But behind its glitz and glamor, the fashion industry is tough. “It’s a lot like the movie industry,” he said. “There are a lot of people who want to be in it. But, it’s very much limited to a few.”
These days, Nygard uses social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to promote his new collections. He encouraged the fashion students to do the same.

“Online is the way to the future,” he said. “Use your social media to promote your works. That’s the best way.”

Second Queen's Jubilee Medal Awarded to Peter Nygard

Former Lieutenant-Governor Pearl McGonigal and Senator Rod Zimmer presented fashion designer Peter Nygard with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

This is the second time Queen Elizabeth II has bestowed this prestigious honour on Peter Nygard. In 2003 Queen Elizabeth awarded her Golden Jubilee medal to Peter Nygard as someone who, during her reign “helped create the Canada of today, and to recognize Mr. Nygård for outstanding and exemplary achievement to Canada as a whole”. The fashion mogul is the Founder & Chairman of Nygard, Canada’s largest ladies’ wear manufacturer, and is a pioneer in the Canadian Fashion Industry.

Nygard utilizes his wide breadth of influence to support the cause closest to his heart: breast cancer research. Through $2-million-a-year donations, the creation of an endowment fund at CancerCare Manitoba and a myriad of fundraisers to find a cure, Nygård has shown the world that the greatest wealth is giving back.

A Young Peter Nygard Gave A Most Self-Sacrificing Gift To His Parents

How can one tell if an individual is of a giving kind, generous and altruistic? People are often advised to watch what an individual does more than what they say. Peter Nygard’s altruistic nature was on full display early in his life.

From the time the Nygard family emigrated from Finland, when Peter Nygard was ten years old, Peter’s parents wanted to open up their own bakery. His father, Eeli Nygard, had built a great reputation in Helsinki Finland as a baker. Eeli wanted to share his talents in the family’s new land of opportunity, Winnipeg, Canada.

Having started out with nothing, it was a long while before Peter Nygard’s parents could realize their dream of opening their own bakery. After years of hard work, the time had come. However, the money they scraped up wasn’t enough.

Fresh out of college and working his first job as an adult, Peter Nygard decided to sell his much- loved car to help his parents realize their dream of opening their own bakery.  Though he didn’t mind the sacrifice, Peter Nygard had to walk to work every day until he could afford to purchase another car.

Although Peter Nygard had parents who demonstrated the best values that they instilled in him and his sister, Liisa, while growing up, Peter Nygard’s giving nature went beyond anything that was expected. Parents certainly don’t look to their kids to sacrifice on their behalf. In fact, it’s parents who are in the habit of sacrificing on behalf of their children. This made Peter Nygard’s gift to his parents really special.

What Peter Nygard did for his parents is the true definition of sacrifice; in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Synonyms it describes a series of synonyms for sacrifice: “forgo, forbear, abnegate, eschew, sacrifice are comparable when they denote to deny oneself something for the sake of an end. One forgoes for the sake of policy, expediency, or the welfare of others something already enjoyed or indulged in, or within reach…”

While some individuals may be prepared to give of themselves, how many are prepared to make major sacrifices in order to give to others? In a world filled with hate and denigration, there are some that would never do so. Fortunately, there are also a number of individuals filled with goodness who are prepared to be self-sacrificing for the good of others.

From early in life, Peter Nygard’s good will has always been on full display. It’s always been who he is. It’s no wonder that his life is littered with examples of his giving to countless individuals at the time of their need.

Peter Nygard Was A Knight In Shining Armor To His Sister, Liisa

Liisa & Peter
“It makes me want to cry to think that I am fortunate enough to have a big brother like Peter.”
(Liisa Nygard Johnson)

Peter Nygard is one of two children of Eeli and Hilkka Nygard. The other was Liisa. Peter Nygard and his sister grew up very close to each other. Unfortunately, Liisa passed away earlier this year.

This is what Liisa said about Peter Nygard in 2018 and how he became her knight in shining armor on discovering that she had cancer: “When I found out last year that I had metastasized breast cancer, I didn’t know if I would make it to this year. When my brother found out, he jumped into action. Thank God for my brother. He has helped me with it and I’m marching on to good health.

“Peter is the kind of person that has to dig deep into everything. He’s not just satisfied with what’s on the surface. He is doing so much for me on this health quest. I had bad cataracts and he lined up an appointment for me to have a cataract removed. What a miracle that is. Peter has given me a whole new lease on life!

“He becomes like an angel around you. He wants to see people happy and not hurting. It makes me want to cry to think that I was fortunate enough to have a brother like him. He’s been like my guru and someone that I have looked up to my whole life. I’m here today as a cancer survivor thanks to my brother Peter.”

Given who Peter Nygard is with such a kind-hearted nature, it should be no surprise that he wanted to share his business success with his sister. So, Peter Nygard helped Liisa to establish a home-based business. With Liisa’s smarts and savvy, her business took off and became a multi-million-dollar success in no time.

Liisa once expressed that she didn’t expect it to grow as much as it did and become so
successful. She was grateful to her brother Peter Nygard, who she called her mentor and

The saying ‘don’t mix family and business’ is due to the many failed business relationships with family members that abound. It is commonly felt that it is extremely difficult to make any type of a business arrangement with family members succeed. However, for Liisa and Peter Nygard, there were no challenges in that regard, which is a testament to their level of trust for each otherand Peter Nygard’s desire to always look out for the wellbeing of Liisa.

How Canadian Government Leaders Grew To Trust Peter Nygard’s Perspective

Usually there tends to be an uneasy alliance between a government and its business leaders. If it was always smooth sailing between these two groups, lobbyists wouldn’t exist in the world today. So when a government can rely on a business leader to have a business focus that aligns with their governmental goals, it’s invaluable.

Peter Nygard provided the Canadian Government with that invaluable opportunity. Peter
Nygard’s magnanimous nature meant he cared not only about his own workers, but the industry and the country as a whole. This was always on display in the way he communicated and by the actions he took.

There are three core factors that made the Canadian Government take notice of Peter Nygard and invite him to help them with their governmental goals:

1 - Peter Nygard cared about the apparel industry. This was on display from very early on in his career when he established the Manitoba Fashion Institute with a mission of improving the economic climate for everyone. His message to his fellow apparel principals was ‘let’s come together and help the industry succeed’.

2 - Peter Nygard was trusted among his industry stakeholders. Several industry associations in Canada had him serve as their organizations’ leader or serving on executive boards of the various industry associations and organizations.

3 - Peter Nygard wrote a white paper on free trade that presented a perspective that was good for Canada and not focused on what was best for his business. While other industry stakeholders opposed the idea of free trade, which posed a challenge for the Canadian Government’s interest in free trade back in the 1980s, Peter Nygard advocated for it and presented how and why it was good for the country as a whole.

These factors led to the Canadian Government wanting to have Peter Nygard as a partner in helping them to explore the idea of free trade. There was no doubt that he was the right person to help them in their deliberations, since in 1983, Peter Nygard stated in a speech, “The focus, therefore, must not be on whether to have free trade, but on what terms to have it.”

In 1984, the Canadian Government appointed Peter Nygard as the co-chairman of a fifteen-member task force created to make recommendations to the federal government concerning long-term industrial strategies for Canada’s textile and clothing industries.

This was only the beginning of a long-term relationship of trust. For many years, Peter Nygard represented the Canadian Government abroad as a trusted trade representative.

Peter Nygard’s Reputation As An Honest Broker Garnered Industry Participants’ Respect

One of the things that makes Peter Nygard unique as a businessman is that while he was driven to be the best, he always sought ways to make improvements in the apparel industry in Canada that would benefit even his competitors.

In a world where competition is everything and many businesses fight dirty, it’s a rare thing to care about other people in your industry. But not for one businessman: Peter Nygard cared.

In an effort to have everyone in the industry come together to make improvements in the
industry, early in his fashion career, Peter Nygard founded the Manitoba Fashion Institute with a mission of improving the economic climate for everyone. His industry work didn’t stop there.

Industry participants grew to respect Peter Nygard not just for his success, but for his sound ideas and desire to help everyone excel. The level of respect and trust Peter Nygard garnered among his peers meant they wanted him on practically every association board and industry organization that were instituted and developed over the years. Even in the industry organizations where Peter Nygard was not the president or chairman, he served on its executive board.

In discussing the ‘dark side of competition, Entrepreneur Kelly Richardson writing for Forbes expressed, “Sometimes evil competitors will try to destroy your good reputation, cause you direct financial loss or simply sabotage your business processes or tools. There’s no shortage of ways this can come to fruition…. It’s safe to say that some competitors will stop at nothing to ruin your business.” (“ The Dark Side of Business Competition and What to Do About It ”).

This is the norm for many industries. But for Peter Nygard, a business man with an uncommon kind-hearted nature, he wanted no part of a cut-throat industry culture. That is why he found ways to bring industry stakeholders together to work together to make sure the industry as a whole remained viable and sustainable.

Peter Nygard already had a reputation for being a fair and ‘honest broker’. So it’s no surprise that industry persons would be open to and accept his overtures for them to work together for everyone’s best interest. What made them really listen was Nygard’s ability to achieve the level of unprecedented business success that he had.

The fact that Peter Nygard was not afraid to work alongside the competition and help everyone to survive speaks once again to his caring nature and big-heartedness. It’s no wonder that industry leaders welcomed his efforts, always cooperated and made sure he was a strategic part of all of their industry associations and efforts.