Most people talk about Peter J. Nygård, Chairman of NYGÅRD (International), in terms of his classic rags-to-riches story – the Finnish immigrants' son, who stitched up an empire out of women's clothing and is now the quintessential self-made man. This story overlooks another side of Peter Nygård – a hard driven man who has created a standard of excellence for the Canadian Women’s Fashion Industry, whose label is the #1 recognized label in the Canadian marketplace, and whose signature is recognized in fashion centres across the globe.

Peter Nygård’s success story began when he gathered his life savings and borrowed $8,000 capital to purchase 20% of a women’s garment manufacturer with $800,000 in annual sales, which within a few years he owned outright - renaming it 'NYGÅRD' & turning it around from near bankruptcy into the bustling dynasty that it is today! The speed with which Nygård claimed his #1 position in the industry is attributed to the uniqueness of his business decisions and his work ethic that includes 14-16 hour days/seven days a week. But then again, as Nygård says, "The only time you are working is when you wish you were doing something else".


Welcome to the exciting World of 
Peter Nygård!

Peter Nygard praised as a humanitarian

I write this letter to express my personal feelings about the kindness and profound generosity toward me and my sick child from Mr. Peter Nygard.

My child was in hospital with cancer and needed special treatment. I approached Mr Nygard with regards to assist me with the financing of his hospital stay in the United States of America.

Mr Nygard was more than accommodating as he gave us his total support. He made us feel like we were his own family, he was there every step of the way.

Nothing can stop me from singing his praises as a humanitarian and I know that many Bahamians would agree with me.

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Peter Nygard's Winning Business Strategy Examples

One of the things fashion mogul Peter Nygard appears to be really good at is strategizing to not just address any threats to his business but to also take advantage of opportunities to be number one in his industry.

One of the reasons Nygard became ‘king of polyester’ back in the ‘70s, was because he focused on ensuring his product exceeded expectations. For example, he made it easily washable and with no need for ironing. He also focuses on making his products feel good to a woman’s touch and making the woman look and feel good in them.

Nygard would continually surpass the competition with new ideas for achieving his goals.

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Peter Nygard ICONIC collection

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Peter Nygard is a deserving individual

Now that summer has come to a close and we are firmly in the grips of the fall season, I look back on summer 2018 in St. James constituency.

I was pleased to join Peter Nygard and the Hon. Pearl McGonigal at Nygard’s 50th anniversary celebration and ribbon cutting at their plant on Inkster Boulevard. It was truly an honor to bring greetings on behalf of the Province of Manitoba to such a deserving individual as Peter Nygard. This was a special memory for me as my father, J. Frank, participated in the grand opening of the Inkster plant fifty years ago.

Scott Johnston
St. James constituency report.
Scott Johnston is the PC MLA for St. James

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Peter Nygard has been the “go to man” for cultural and sporting events

Recently there has been some not so pleasant occurrences as it relates to a well known resident of the Bahamas and indeed Lyford Cay, Peter Nygard.

Free-spirited Mr. Nygard, has been the “go to man” for cultural and sporting events, both locally and internationally. Many teams, including national teams, travelling abroad, have enjoyed his unmeasured support.

Many with extreme medical urgency called on his good nature and experienced his generosity, without fanfare or publicity.

I would go on the limb and say that some key politicians and businessmen have exploited his free-handedness.

As a humane and sensitive gentleman, many who would not have been welcomed in Lyford Cay otherwise, have been able to visit and enjoy the amenities of Nygard Cay.

A man who has extended himself to help so many people cannot be all bad. He has shown his benevolence when many well-positioned Bahamians wavered.

His only sin is that he harboured too many “locals”.

So let us not rush to judge anyone, especially Peter Nygard, few of us are qualified to point fingers.

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