Successful Business Actions Achieve Results

It’s not often that we get an inside look at what someone did to turn their business from failing into a fifty-year, multi-million-dollar business. Fashion mogul Peter Nygard’s story is a fascinating one especially considering that not many people go from poor boy to multi-millionaire.

Shortly after Nygard bought into Jacob Fashion in 1968, it’s owner, Nathan Jacob, passed away without training his protégé. Though disappointed by the lack of training, on reflection, Nygard felt it was probably best ‘not to have learned the bad habits of the industry’. Nygard was forced to figure out how to make the business a success on his own.

He took a series of steps that includes, conducting a survey of their customers in 1968, when such things weren’t done; he also researched and asked the perspective of his sales people during the design process—something that was also not a common practice.

Additionally, Nygard moved up his ‘line schedule’ so he would be the first to source materials, get the best price, and be the first to market. He also made moves to protect company accounts—those purchasing his products and selling them in their stores—which helped to establish him as an ‘honest broker’ in an otherwise not so honest industry at that time.

These things all helped to catapult him towards increased sales. Nygard took the company from a manufacturing company to a fashion house that became Canada’s largest women apparel company.

Read the rest of the story and see the timeline of this successful story here.

Nygard International Managerial Position

Nygard International, Canada’s Premier Retailer of Quality Women’s Fashions is seeking outgoing and energetic retail-minded professionals

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We are looking for: A full-time store manager for our Nygard SLIMS store in the Georgian Mall in Barrie, Ontario.

Nygard International offers a competitive compensation package and provides significant opportunities for growth and career development. We thank all applicants for their interests but advise that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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Peter Nygard's big risk paid off big

Peter Nygard’s philosophy is “The only time you are working is when you wish you were doing something else.” Nygard says he works 16-hour days because he loves what he does.

Apparently this idea of being motivated by your passion can serve you well in achieving your goals.

When Peter Nygard made a deal to get equity in a company instead of a high salary, that was a big risk. He was investing in a company that was not doing so well; and he was taking a risk on being able to turn things around in an industry in which he had no experience.

It has been said that ‘with big risk comes big rewards’. For Peter Nygard, his big risk paid off in a big way.

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Peter Nygard and World Leaders

Peter Nygard has had many meetings with World Leaders over the past 50 Yrs. 

Topics ranging from negotiating NAFTA to establishing relations in Asia.  Here Peter is shown with former Canadian Prime Ministers Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien; former US President George Bush; former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev; and former Mayor of Shanghai Sha Linn.

Peter Nygard Rags to Riches

Nygard opened his hundred thousand-square-foot Inkster plant in Winnipeg and the company has not stopped growing since.

Nygard international now has offices in New York, California, Toronto, China and Montreal delivering to over 200 of its own retail stores worldwide.

Peters adventures have put him in company with some of the world's most famous and influential people from Oprah Winfrey to Sean Connery to President Bush.

He chaired the Advisory Committee that led to the development of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and has led the way in technological advancements in the fashion industry.

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Nygard International Seeking B2B Sales representative

Nygard International, Canada’s leading fashion company that designs and markets women’s fashion apparel is seeking a confident / driven B2B Sales Representative to join our B2B Sales Team. If your career goal is to join a leading edge, global company that will provide great opportunities for career advancement, then look no further.

This position is responsible for growing new business and existing by calling and selling our NYGÅRD SLIMS collection to independent retailers, boutiques and small chains based on pre-generated leads from our B2B Sales Team.

Nygard International offers a competitive compensation package and provides significant opportunities for growth and career development. We thank all applicants for their interests but advise that only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Interested applicants are invited to submit a resume.

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Striving for the Impossible

Fashion mogul Peter Nygard once said, “One thing about striving for the impossible is that you have very little competition.”
No one believes that success is easy. If it were, everyone would be experiencing lots of success in their lives. It makes sense that what it takes is going after impossible goals and committing to the efforts to make it happen.
In looking back at how Nygard achieved 50 years of business success in this series, we’ve discovered some interesting anecdotes. Hilkka Nygard, Peter Nygard’s mother, had an interesting reaction to an interview with Peter Nygard and a goal of making a million dollars. Hilkka Nygård could not imagine aiming to make such a large amount of money as one million dollars.
In a 1969 (Manitoba) Tribune Business Profile article, Peter Nygård was asked if he wanted to be a millionaire. He told the reporter that everyday, he just thought about doing a better job the next day.
The reporter, George Froehlich, insisted that Peter must be thinking of trying to make a million dollars at some point. Nygard acquiesced and said, “Yes, I suppose.” The reporter had his headline. “Young EXEC shooting for millionaire status”.
Despite the fact that Nygård was pressured to answer that question, Hilkka was embarrassed when the article came out. Hilkka thought her son aspiring to be a millionaire was an impossible and overly optimistic dream. She ‘couldn’t imagine what he was thinking to say such a thing’.
The article opened with, “Peter Nygard hopes to be a millionaire by the time he is 30. And anyone who knows the 28-year-old women’s fashion executive would have to say his chances are pretty good.”
The reporter was right. In 1968 when Nygard took over Jacob Fashions Ltd., it had 100 employees and was doing 800 thousand a year in sales. Two years later, Nygård had more than doubled the sales.
Ten years in, by the age of thirty-six, Nygård had already expanded into the United States. He had 700 employees and was making twenty-five million dollars in sales. He then set his sights on a goal of making 100 million in sales by 1987.
By 1985, not only had Nygård reached 100 million in sales; he had surpassed it. He had made 140 million in sales and had 1500 employees and became Canada’s largest apparel company. In 1993, he was up to 200 million in sales.
At Nygård’s 35 Anniversary mark, he had exceeded 500 million in sales, and in 2007, the sales total was 850 million dollars with twelve thousand employees.
Read the full story here.

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Nygard 50 years in fashion FBF 1996

Super Model Helena Christensen wearing Peter Nygard Signature Birdseye Tweed Pant Suit w/ leather accents

Peter Nygard story at Eaton's

Peters Nygards outstanding scholastic performance at the University of North Dakota led to a job at Eaton's.

During his interview with the Canadian retail giant he would write a test intended for executive management.

He would be identified as meeting the selection criteria for the future president of the company.

Peter took his life savings plus an additional eight thousand dollars to purchase of the company.

Within a few years he owned it outright and the fashion landscape in Canada was changed.

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Peter Nygard's series of decisions determined his outcomes

Fashion mogul Peter Nygard went from a poor boy to a multi-millionaire and you can see how his series of decisions determined his outcomes.

One of his decisions as a teenager was to attend university. But, it wasn’t just about that decision. While in university, he decided to give up his love of sports and not play. Remember, he exceled in six different sporting activities in high school and was named Male Athlete of the Year when he graduated.

He also didn’t join any social fraternities. Instead, Peter Nygard decided to focus all of his attention on his studies and joined the business fraternity at the University.

In 1964, Peter became the president of Delta Sigma Pi. Competing against 56 other National Chapters, he led his chapter to win the Efficiency Contest with the highest distinction honors in the country. Peter Nygard graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1964 from the University of North Dakota.

Read the full story here.

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Peter Nygards competitive spirit was always present

First bike purchased with paper route money
It is likely that if we look back on the early years of successful people, we will see signs of their future success. Whether it’s reflected in their attitudes, approach to tasks or demonstrated in their actions, there is usually an indication of where that individual is headed. For fashion mogul Peter Nygard, the signs came early in his life, even in the midst of his family’s focus on survival.

Living in poverty in their new land, survival was the order of the day. So Peter went from collecting Coke bottles out of ditches to starting his own paper route at the age of twelve. For Peter, it was only natural to always work hard. He’d watch his parents do it all of his young life. So, it wasn’t long before one paper route turned into three. Soon he had to hire help. He hired two neighbourhood boys and his sister to help deliver the newspapers while he focused on collections.

However, it wasn’t enough for Peter to do what everyone else was doing. He had learned at a very early age what it was to compete from his Finnish culture. Before the age of ten, Peter was competing in ‘Mini Olympic’ events back in Finland. And, it wasn’t just about competing. He had seen his parents win awards at community sporting events. Therefore, in Peter’s mind, you had to not only compete; you had to win!

Peter’s competitive spirit was always present and even in delivering papers he wanted to be the best.

Read the full story here.

Nygård 50 years in Fashion 2008 Archives

Peter Nygård awarded keys to numerous Major Cities across North America including WPG MB.

Peter Nygard is truly a Rags-to-Riches story

Peter Nygard is truly a Rags-to-Riches story & Robin Leach is one to know, as he has featured NYGARD CAY on numerous segments of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous throughout the 90s. 

In this TBT video, we see Robin Leach describing Nygard Cay. 

The private luxury resort includes replicas of Mayan Temples, private tennis court, beaches, pool, aquarium, disco club & state-of-the-art Home Theatre, and 20+ themed cabanas for himself, his family & many celebrity guests who wish to get away for a serene sabbatical.

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Nygard 50 Years in Fashion 1997 Archives

Supermodel Helena Christensen in iconic Head to Toe Peter Nygård Signature.

Rags to Riches

50th anniversary TBT: Peter Nygård was born in Helsinki, Finland and raised in Winnipeg, Canada.

His humble roots have lead him from rags to riches.

From living in a 15 by 13 foot room without running water, heat and only one bed, it is truly remarkable how far he has come!

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