Peter Nygard BioTech

Peter Nygard has built a global fashion empire employing 10,000 people worldwide and during this journey he has contributed significant funding to critical health research including Breast Cancer.

A pioneer and risk taker Mr. Nygard is now financing extensive research into the promising human therapeutic benefits of SCNT- Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer.

Mr. Nygard has recruited global medical leaders to join him in his new prime mission and he is building a world-class medical facility in the Bahamas where this amazing technology will be employed to change the way we deal with disease and enhance the longevity of Mankind.

Next year an ultra-modern stem cell medical facility with an investment of more than $100 million will be built in The Bahamas. Nygard said the stem cell medical facility will allow The Bahamas to compete with countries like Thailand that is already the industry’s leader in stem cell research.

He said every country in the world is clamouring to get involved in medical tourism, which is driven by stem cells, which is the new wave or most advanced medical concept ever known to man.

Nygard explained that patients would have the ability to visit The Bahamas for medical care while enjoying their vacation.

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Peter Nygard to build stem cell facility

Next year an ultra-modern stem cell medical facility with an investment of more than $100 million will be built in The Bahamas, according to international fashion mogul Peter Nygard.

Nygard, who is behind this investment, said the stem cell medical facility will allow The Bahamas to compete with countries like Thailand that is already the industry’s leader in stem cell research.

Next year is a big year for The Bahamas, Nygard said as he made an address during the recent Killarney Christmas Service presented by the Commonwealth Humanity United Global Project.

Nygard who is one of the world’s pivotal and strategic business moguls involved in the science of Stem Cells and Reverse Aging, saluted Prime Minister Perry Christie and the government, during his address, for enacting the revolutionary stem cell legislation in 2013.

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Nygard Slims for busy mothers

The NYGARD SLIMS team has developed a new video series focusing on the revolutionary pants, NYGARD SLIMS.

 This video is all about how the Nygard Slims line can benefit busy mothers. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Peter Nygard Hall of Fame winner


CME's vision is to ensure that all current and future needs of manufactures are addressed through a range of both existing and new resources. As a network hub, CME works as a catalyst, promoter and facilitator of these connections, making Manitoba the leading manufacturing and exporting location.

CME seeks to recognize individuals and companies who have achieved notable success in initiating, improving, or growing a manufacturing business in Manitoba.

The Hall of Fame award celebrates individuals who have demonstrated leadership in the development of their company or companies and success in their chosen industry. These individuals are visionary leaders, and exhibit these qualities through the design or implementation of revolutionary products, systems or processes. They are strongly integrated into the community and demonstrate a positive impact with youth and students.

Peter J. Nygård (NYGÅRD International) was the recipient of the 2011 Award.

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Peter Nygard continues to show generosity

Peter Nygard
Nygards show generosity with another donation to Empty Stocking

The local fashion leader has designed its own unique ways to raise money for the Christmas Cheer Board each year.

That trend continued in 2014 as Nygard International raised a grand total of $8,507 that it is donating through our Empty Stocking Fund.

"Wow! Good stuff," Cheer Board executive director Kai Madsen said.

Nygard raised $4,290 of that through its annual Global Raffle, where each employee around the world gets involved. Each pays $5 for a chance to win one of three gift cards valued at $1,000, $500 or $300.

Nygard also raised $4,217 at its annual Holiday Party, which about 200 employees attended at the St. Charles Country Club last month. Included in the auction prizes were a Macbook Pro 13 laptop and a trip to Orando, Fla.

The gift cards and prizes were supplied by Nygard's generous suppliers and vendors.

"Nygard has been part of our team for many years and, not only do they come up with some fantastic dollars for us, they also do some tremendous hampers," Madsen said. "I've seen them and they're wonderful.

"We depend a great deal on the folks at Nygard and I hope that we continue our tremendous relationship."

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Peter Nygard on panel endorsed by UNESCO

Renowned international designer, Peter Nygard, accepted the invitation to join the panel of celebrity judges formed to select the recipients of the Sustainable Eco-Fashion Award, the Culture & Fashion Award, the NextGen Designer Award, and the Seals of Excellence at the highly-anticipated premiere of Islands of the World Fashion Week.

Candidates for the Sustainable Eco-Fashion Award and the Culture & Fashion Award will be judged at the Opening Reception.

The event, endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO), will highlight and promote cultural diversity and dialogue, and draw attention to global issues such as the environment and climate change, the education of youth in HIV/AIDS, and poverty alleviation.

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Nygard Slims to be featured on Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel (TSC) is featuring Nygard SLIMS this weekend.

During past TSC shows we have sold out quickly so we encourage people to watch ...


Saturday Dec 20 - 8am,  12pm and , 4pm

Sunday Dec 21 - 9am, 1pm, and 6pm

The show will be featuring Nygard Slims spokesperson Lynn Spence.

Peter Nygard Park

In June 2002 the community officially unveiled the new Nygard Park.

The park is named after Peter Nygard international fashion mogul.

In 1952 Peter Nygard moved to Deloraine from Finland with his father, a baker and his mother.

The Nygard Family later moved to Winnipeg where Peter went on to purchase Nygard International and, one of the largest clothing retailers in the world.

In honor of our community who welcomed the Nygard’s family to this prairie province over 50 years ago a park was established by the Nygard Family and dedicated to Deloraine.

A dedication ceremony took place in 2002 where Peter Nygard spoke of his many fond memories of Deloraine and the people who helped his family.

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Peter Nygard to be title sponsor of Night of 100 Stars

We are pleased to announce that the 25th anniversary of the Night of 100 Stars, one of the premier Oscar viewing soirees, will be held at the Beverly Hilton on Sunday, Feb. 22. This black tie event (which we have attended since its inception) will, of course, be hosted by impresario Norby Walters and our publicist pal, Ed Lozzi, will organize the largest red carpet next to the Oscars!

The title sponsor is famed Canadian designer Peter Nygard, Chairman of Nygard International. Many more than 100 stars will attend – including scads of previous Oscar nominees and winners.

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Peter Nygard is a serious businessman

Peter Nygård is one serious business man and self made. He works up to 16 hours a day and has annual sales in ready-to-wear women’s apparel “approaching the $1 billion mark.”

This is partly due to opening of the 2,500 square foot flagship store at 1431 Broadway in southern Times Square New York and from an increase in sales of 25% providing the largest six month revenue in the company’s 42 year history.

The business’ success is also down to planning and some smart technology such as the Product Development Management System (PDM) and the Automatic Reorder of Sales system known as Arts2.

The PDM is software which accurately costs designs before manufacture while Arts2 integrates CAD/CAM systems connected with store cash registers to keeps a track of point-of-sale data to automatically generate re-orders of stock creating a highly efficient business.

Throw in a contributing role to Canada’s free trade agreement with the US (NAFTA) as the Chair to the advisory committee on future Canadian long-term Industrial Strategy in 1982 and active involvement for Canada’s globalization strategies and you have an intelligent, switched on business.

But the most impressive thing about Nygård is its family ties.

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Nygard Slims contest

For 12 days in December, we will be giving away a #FREE pair of #NYGARDSLIMS every day! All you have to do is LIKE and COMMENT on our sweepstakes posts, and you will automatically be entered in a daily draw to win a pair of #SLIMS as long as you're following us on Facebook!

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For full rules and regulations, see: (Canada) and (USA)

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Peter Nygard not a stranger to Bahamian athletics

When it comes to Bahamian athletics Peter Nygård is definitely not a stranger.

Over the years Nygård's love of sports and his desire to help people succeed has motivated him to sponsor many Bahamian athletes. For example for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia Nyård sponsored the "Golden Girls" relay team and they subsequently ended up winning the first gold medal for the Bahamas.

Again in 2002, Nygård was instrumental in helping the Amateur Boxing Federation of the Bahamas take its team to Martinique. In recent years his support for beach volleyball has grown, making significant contributions to The Bahamas Volleyball Federation and The Bahamas National Beach Volleyball team.

Many times you can actually catch ordinary Bahamians plying volleyball on his Estate at Nygard Cay.

And quite often you'll find Peter in the thick of it!

Peter Nygard Fun Facts

Most memorable boating moment: On my first yacht, cruising the Out Islands and the Grenadines

If you had another pass at a career, what would it be: Movie production. I’d be a director.

Closest boating buddy: A guy named Dennis Connor…I used to be his sparring partner preparing for the 1976 Olympics. We were on the water hours and hours together, sailing side by side. Dennis really got me to be an Olympic-caliber athlete in sailing.

Last book read: I watch The History Channel and National Geographic

Favorite dance music: Latest hits—hip-hop

Proudest moment: There are many—to name a few: meeting President George Bush Sr. when he visited my home in the Bahamas; having dinner with Mikhail Gorbachev in the Kremlin.

First job: Collecting Coke bottles from ditches when I was about eight years old and selling them for 2 cents a piece so we could buy water, which was 25 cents, and survive another day

Favorite movie: Movies that are biographical/history based, for example, “Alexander the Great” and “Julius Caesar”

Preferred wheels: Hummer 1

Preferred wings: Super 727—the love of my life! It’s not just a 727; it’s a 727 with a special hot engine.

Favorite clothing designer: Hugo Boss, but I mainly make my own clothing—leather jackets, jeans.

Favorite cruising grounds: Bahamas

Favorite sport: I played and excelled in every sport—basketball, badminton, track and field, decathlons. I think the sports ability in me actually trained my business ability—the competitiveness, practice and hard work.

Favorite port: NygårdCay

Latest impulse purchase: My airplane. I don’t go around spending money like that. I had been looking for the ultimate way to travel for a long time. Ideal day: To have designed something—that is when I am most happy.

Peter Nygard hits back over Bahamas lawsuit

Canadian fashion clothier Peter Nygard is fighting back over claims that he is altering the ecosystem on a bay around his lavish Bahamas estate.

"Mr. Nygard fully supports protecting the environment of the Bahamas. It is the natural beauty of the island which led him to choose this country for his home. "

"Peter Nygard became a Bahamian in the early 80s. He is an environmentalist, a humanitarian and has been described as the most philanthropic champion for the Bahamian people," the statement reads in part.

"Currently, in addition to substantial donations, Peter Nygard has also given the full use of his home to the Bahamian National Defence Force, who is working in partnership with the Clifton Heritage Foundation in the running of a six-week summer camp for 700 inner city kids, which is being hosted presently at Nygard Cay."

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Peter Nygard cannot turn down a friend

Peter Nygard with King Eric
WHILE he admitted that he would like to see a better support system in place to fund local sporting events to counteract what he has done over the past two decades, businessman Peter Nygard said he never says no to his long-time friend and brother, King Eric Gibson.

Nygard, during a press conference at his unique house at Nygard Gay in Lyford Cay, presented Gibson with a cheque for $10,000 for the Acklins Regatta August 1-4. It’s expected that the regatta site at Spring Point will be named in honour of Gibson.

Nygard said when he was contacted by Gibson, he couldn’t turn him down because “he’s the King.”

Additionally, Nygard has made a contribution to just about every regatta held in the country. He noted that Gibson has been responsible for getting him to assist the regattas, but when he was approached this time, he couldn’t turn down his friend.

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Nygard Fashions introduce Black Gold

New arrivals at Nygard fashions - Black Gold.

Keep the focus on high shine details ... high in demand this season!

Be a stand out in this faux leather coat. The embroidery down the front adds a sense of personal style & elegance.

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Peter Nygard Creates New Fashion Society

Fashion mogul selects personalized outfits for e-customers through all new "Fashion Society" on Nygård website.

Imagine having your wardrobe picked out by a renowned fashion designer. It's the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" coming alive.

"Mr. Nygård's new Fashion Society provides all women with an opportunity to have a fashion guru choose the outfits that best suit their tastes and lifestyle. Most women only dream of having a top fashion designer help them pick out the hottest new styles and latest trends to make them look like a million bucks. Well, now they have their chance."

"The Fashion Society was developed to help women keep abreast of the newest and hottest fashions to hit the market without the hassle of spending hours of their precious time shopping at boutiques and malls".

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Nygard Fashions says glam it up or stay sensible!

Peter Nygard introduces the long sleeve Zip Front Moto Jacket & Faux Leather Front Pencil Skirt.

Mixed media statement jackets are key for the season and this faux leather/wool combination is a unique piece.

Pencil this into your combination must haves for fall. This pencil skirt works day or night depending on your shoes.

This is the perfect combination to glam it up, or stay sensible for work.

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Nygard Fashion Novelty Tunic Pairing

Pairing this novelty tunic with Nygard Slims is a practical solution for everyday occasions.

This lightweight jersey topper is a great way to have simple style. The pullover features long arm cuffs, giving it a modern vibe, as well as a crisscross hem at the back waistline. A great addition to your wardrobe.

When you pair this top with the Slimcurve Technology pant it creates a desirable silhouette with hip compression that lifts, shapes & sculpts your figure. The fashionably high waist eliminates the muffin top, while the thigh compression puts an end to saddle bags - creating the Perfect Fit.

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Nygard Fashion goes python

Give classic tweed a fierce makeover with this faux leather trim. A look that is both professional and urban, for those young professionals who bring stylish flair to the office.

You'll find countless ways to wear this slim pencil skirt. The all over python print adds a luxe touch to this classic shape.

Combine this long sleeve stud/faux leather trimmed tweed jacket with this printed pencil skirt to create a stunning look.

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