Metallic Cheetah Ruana With Fringe

Step out of the house in style with this poncho-style garment that has a metallic undertone. A subtle cheetah pattern and fringe make this ruana complete.

Pair this with a tunic tank for that special outing. This flattering fit was made to shine with the allover sequin front.

To complete the full outfit just add the Morgan flare pant for that chic look. The silhouette is streamlined leaving you with zero bulk and a polished look.

Just imagine the magical feeling as you head out for an evening on the town!

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Peter Nygard family of brands

The NYGÅRD family of brands are expanding at an ever-increasing pace.

In addition to apparel, NYGÅRD offers a complete range of style options to compliment and coordinate with each respective fashion line. Since 1999, NYGÅRD has broadened its fashion repertoire to include an diverse array of licensed products -- footwear, handbags, accessories (scarves, hats, and gloves), jewellery, belts, optical (men’s and ladies’), sunglasses, outerwear, swimwear, and dresses.

For the home, the Nygård Home collection provides a full range of bedding and bathroom coordinates which reflects the timeless quality and style inherent in all of the NYGÅRD brands.

Peter Nygard Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter Nygård was honored for his endless support of the Bahamian community during Bahamas Fashion Week with the Lifetime Achievement Award, . On July 9, 2008, Peter Nygård was recognized for all his efforts within the spectrums of fashion, business, and philanthropy. The ceremony was held at the 'BLUE SKIES' Fashion Show in the Rainforest Theater Crystal Palace.

Kevin Strakan, President & Owner of Fifth Avenue Marketing & Modeling Agency, said: "This award is for the person who never says no. Who goes above & beyond when it comes to fashion, advertising and entertainment. Peter Nygård completes the circle, putting the chain together - no broken links. Every year from this point forward there will be a recipient of the 'PETER NYGÅRD FASHION AWARD'."

In his acceptance speech, Nygard expressed his love for The Bahamas and told the audience to follow their dreams and aspirations. Not only noted for his support of Bahamas Fashion Week, Nygard has supported, and continues to support many charities and sport figures and groups within The Bahamas.  Peter Nygard is definitely an asset to The Bahamas!

Peter Nygard major strategic partnership

When the leading North American fashion house for women's apparel & the largest nameplate in fashion apparel retailing join forces there is no stopping their success. This is the case with NYGÅRD & Dillard's whom have developed a major strategic partnership built on trust. The NYGÅRD brand power continues to soar as a result of strategic alliances with Dillard's & with the launch of NYGÅRD Fashion World, which includes PETER NYGÅRD & NYGÅRD Collection labels.

In conjunction with the launch - NYGÅRD Fashion World Tour @ Dillard's was born. NYGÅRD Founder & Chairman, Peter Nygård has made personal appearances at every Dillard's store throughout the US meeting with customers & showcasing his collections.

Alex Dillard (Dillard's President) - David Terry (President of DIV3) & Drue Corbusier (President of DIV7) have all accompanied Nygård on his tour to show support. It is this mutual respect that has enabled the two companies to create a retailing system called NR5. NR5 speeds time-to-market & reduces replenishment time from order to getting goods back on the floor from 16 to 7 days. Neither company could have achieved the results alone.

NYGÅRD Fashion Parks

NYGÅRD Fashion Parks - These 10,000 sq ft stores are a new concept in retailing by offering the NYGÅRD customer a new shopping experience.

Highlighting NYGÅRD's commitment to offer 'the fit for every woman' the stores include the addition of NYGÅRD accessories & the amalgamation of all NYGÅRD brands.

The NYGÅRD 'Concept Shopping' is a 'store-within-a-store' experience - 'Denim', 'Black & White', 'Petites', the 'Pant Shop', & 'DFX' (Designer Fashion Exchange) which offers Top Designer brands @ 50-75% savings everyday are some of the innovative changes one can expect to find @ NYGÅRD Fashion Park!

Services like the NYGÅRD Tailor Shop offers customers the convenience of having alterations done in 'real time'.

Peter Nygard on technology

"Where Fashion Meets Technology" 

Coined by Peter Nygård in the early '80s, this slogan represents the company’s melding of information technology with operations, products and services.

In addition to our brands and private labels, we have an array of licensee products consisting of soft home furnishings, handbags, accessories, sunglasses, outerwear, jewellery and wristwatches, undergarments and footwear.

In 2002 we opened our showcase facility, 8U, in Gardena, California.... a 300,000sq ft service centre with 100,000 sq ft in-transit capacity, a holding capacity for two million units, plus real-time tracking from supplier’s source to individual stores to the racks on the floor.

Orders are processed and shipped SAME day. 8U has slick rail logistics to provide flexibility of GOH (garments on hangers) and flat-pack operation with real-time tracking of each process. 8U and its information technology is a blueprint for successful, digital supply chain management, setting new standards for the industry. In 2008, we opened a similar service center in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. In March 2009, we completed construction of our fifth building in our 800,000 sq ft Gardena compound.

We are a service company. We operate globally and are fully committed to information technology and e-commerce. Peter Nygård's vision and commitment to excellence in quality fashion, service and innovative thinking has made his company a benchmark for many others.

Peter Nygard Charitable Platform

Over the years, Peter Nygard's charitable platform, NYGÅRD for Life, has encompassed a number of initiatives.  While the program's thrust and commitment has and will continue to be to help eradicate breast cancer, it has been expanded to also include a mandate that enhances all aspects of the lives of women.

 The sponsorships includes an annual endowment fund to CancerCare. This fund allows CancerCare to bring in world class researchers to work at the NYGÅRD sponsored Breast Cancer Tumour bank. We also sponsor members of the Symphony Orchestra to play for breast cancer patients while they receive treatment and have provided specially designed mammography gowns for patients. All monies raised through NYGÅRD for Life directly impacts Breast Cancer survivors and to further the much needed research to find a cure.

 "Breast Cancer awareness is top of mind for NYGÅRD Associates 12 months of the year - it is absolutely our corporate charity of choice".

Peter Nygard

Peter Nygards success and staff loyalty

NYGÅRD International, founded by Peter J. Nygård, has grown to become one of the most successful apparel manufacturers in North America: the number one sportswear manufacturer in Canada and number three in North America.

NYGÅRD is responsible for the employment of many associates worldwide & the company continues to grow rapidly. Peter Nygård has personally designed all of the company’s distribution systems & centres, his clarity of organizational structure has lead to the complete design of the company’s infrastructure. Company associates know him as an involved Chairman of the Board, one who needs to & does know every aspect of his company's multifaceted business & the way each interacts with the other.

The company’s sustained growth is due in large measure to the staff loyalty that has developed toward Peter Nygård. This can be partially explained by Peter Nygård’s charismatic personality & the fact that Peter Nygård has stood by people, working as a mentor to many people in the company. As one long-time associate explained, "He gives everyone the opportunity to do what he or she wants in the company; there are no shut doors – no barriers. If you want to change scope, let your manager know what you are looking for; if you are willing to make the commitment, there is no end to what you can do."

Peter Nygård's personal contact has instilled a tremendously successful & coherent management team each in tune with the other. All have huge confidence in each other; it is a very cohesive team starting at the top.

Nygård’s mottos: ‘You don’t get something for nothing & you have to earn what you get’ & ‘You don't know how far you can go until you push the limits’, are instilled in all NYGÅRD Associates.

Peter Nygard the Builder

Ca Mari Magazine had the privilege of interviewing fashion mogul Peter Nygård, founder & chairman of North America’s leading fashion house, NYGÅRD International at his Nygård Cay during a beach volleyball tournament. We discussed how he built his business empire and incredible resort, and how he truly built the lives of others.

Nygård Cay isn’t Peter Nygård’s only contribution to The Bahamas. He is known for his great sportsmanship on and off the courts and has been a great financial supporter of Bahamian Olympic athletes. In 2000, The “Golden Girls” were sponsored by Nygård at the Sydney, Australia Olympics – during which they won the first ever Olympic Gold Medal in Track and Field for The Bahamas. With the help of Nygård, The Amateur Boxing Federation of The Bahamas was able to take its team to Martinique and won the championship in 2002, and due to his gracious and generous contribution to ABFB, The Sports Journal dubbed him “Godfather of the Amateur Boxing Federation of The Bahamas” in 2003.

Read the full story.

Peter Nygard and Nygard Cay

In 1987, Peter Nygård fulfilled his creative passion & architecturally designed & built his own 5 acre Robinson Crusoe playground named NYGÅRD CAY. The private luxury resort includes replicas of Mayan Temples, private tennis court, beaches, pool, aquarium, disco club & state-of-the-art Home Theatre, and 20+ themed cabanas for himself, his family & many celebrity guests who wish to get away for a serene sabbatical.

Peter Nygård is truly a Rags-to-Riches story & Robin Leach is one to know, as he has featured NYGÅRD CAY on numerous segments of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous throughout the 90s. On DEC-04, George Hamilton took us behind the scenes of Peter Nygård’s private celestial playground on a special TV segment called Life of Luxury on ABC.

NYGÅRD CAY has become one of the most talked about & most unique private residences throughout the world. In fact, Oprah hosted her show in Nassau showcasing some of the most beautiful homes in the Bahamas & said, “After seeing NYGÅRD CAY, I am not living large enough.”

Peter Nygard proud of Breast Cancer Research Units

In Oct 2004 Peter Nygard was proud to announce the opening of their 2 new state-of-the-art Breast Cancer Research Units - The Nygård International Molecular Biology Breast Cancer Research Unit & Breast Cancer Tumour Bank - in the Manitoba Breast Cancer Research Centre, the ONLY one of its kind in the world. The global medical research studies taking place at these NYGÅRD Breast Cancer Research Units will benefit women worldwide.

World renowned scientists will work together to eradicate breast cancer. Their goal is to diagnose breast cancer earlier so they can target individual treatment to patients. The BREAST CANCER TUMOUR BANK currently houses more than 4,000 different types of breast cancer tumours. Researchers will also work to identify markers currently present in non cancer patient's blood and urine to determine if a test can be discovered that shows cancer markers that exist in the presence of tumours.

NYGÅRD has also established an endowment fund @ CancerCare Manitoba to fund ongoing research at our Breast Cancer Research Units. Donations can be made directly to the fund by contacting CancerCare Manitoba Foundation @ 204 787 4177 & specifying you would like your donation directed to the NYGÅRD MB Breast Tumour Bank Endowment Fund.

Nygard Slims great for your winter vacation

Are you thinking of getting away this winter?  If you’re packing for a tropical trip look no further than NYGÅRD for all your travel needs.

Packing for your trip down south this winter will break down into three sections; travel time, sunny days and breezy nights. If you divide your packing into those categories dressing will be as simple as saying YES to a tropical vacation in the dead of winter! Another quick tip is to color coordinate. Bring pieces that can be mixed and matched from day to night for a seamless wardrobing experience.

You’ll need comfortable attire for the travel to your tropical destination. Your very best option for comfort and style is a pair of NYGÅRD SLIMS Leggings. You’ll feel as comfortable as if you were in pyjamas, but you’ll be styled from head to toe. Pair the leggings with an open front cardigan that is effortless and cozy. To complete the travel look pick a simple tank that can be reworked throughout the trip. And don’t forget a tote filled with all your on board essentials.

When you look at getting ready for the day should be concerned with pieces that can be mixed and matched. To keep your suitcase light pick pieces that are comfortable and make you feel great. Start with two bottoms that will last the week and pair them with interchangeable separates that were made for on the go! If you stick with NYGÅRD SLIMS you will feel amazing about yourself. You’ll feel slim and comfortable while relaxing, and trim and strong on your adventures. And the fact that you’ll look one size smaller throughout the whole trip is a total vacation bonus! We suggest packing the travel friendly SLIMS Capri and our new SLIMS Denim. For on top, pack one light jacket and cute tanks that match. We also suggest a tote that will fit your shades, water and a little SPF.

The evening may call for a dressier look, but don’t worry as your daytime SLIMS will still be great to wear. Take off your sandals and put on wedges and then pair your NYGÅRD SLIMS Capri with a flirty blouse that was made for fun and you're ready to go..

Peter Nygard Retail Brand Expanding

The NYGÅRD name is expanding at an ever-increasing pace. In addition to its various product lines, NYGÅRD now offers an array of licensed products. Over the past 10 years, NYGÅRD has broadened its fashion repertoire to include Outerwear, Swimwear, Footwear, Handbags, Jewelry, Accessories (Scarves, Hats & Gloves), Belts, Sunglasses, and Soft Home Furnishings (‘NYGÅRD Home’). 

NYGÅRD’s various product lines, NYGÅRD SLIMS, Peter Nygård, Bianca Nygård, ALIA, TanJay, Westbound, Investments and Alison Daley, each target women over 25 years of age. The Nygård Moderate brands include a collection of colour-related separates focusing on pants, as well as a moderate line of coordinates. The Nygård Fashions brands focus on the bridge and better categories. The company maintains its successful website at and has an array of retail stores under the banners NYGÅRD, NYGÅRD Fashion Park, NYGÅRD Fashion, NYGÅRD Fashion World, ALIA, TanJay and Jay Set.

Nygard Fashions helps your work week

With Nygard Fashions putting together a stylish five outfit work week has never been so easy.

Putting a work wardrobe together can be a daunting task, but with Nygard Fashions is available to help with several speedy fixes. Consider your clothes closet as something you have to build. Acquire pieces that have longevity and then add a personal style with some interchangeable must- haves. By creating a basis for your work you take the puzzle out out of getting dressed for your work day. 

Monday - Add movement to your Monday with a business skirt that isn’t pencil shaped 

Tuesday - Follow your animal instict with this zebra print pattern 

Wednesday - Power through your day in a structured suit 

Thursday - Trade in structure for a playful polka dot 

Friday - Celebrate the end of the work week with a pop of color 

With Nygard fashions, you’re well on your way to a style promotion every day of your work week!

NYGÅRD SLIMS Gold Lace Legging

Your best silhouette in the latest trend is achieved with this fashion forward pant.

Your best silhouette in the latest trend is achieved with this compression pant. The hip compression lifts, shapes and sculpts your figure. The fashionably high waist eliminates the muffin top, while the thigh compression puts an end to saddle bags - creating the Perfect Fit.

Check them out here.

Nygard Slims at National Women's Show in Toronto

We will be at the National Women's Show in Toronto this weekend at booth 1720! Come check us out and be sure to watch our amazing fashion shows and product knowledge sessions!

The fashion show and product knowledge schedule is:

November 7:, 2014 
4:15-4:45pm (Fashion Show - Main Stage)
6:30-7:00pm (Product Knowledge Session - Glam Stage)

November 8, 2014 
12:00-12:30pm (Fashion Show - Main Stage)
3:00-3:30pm (Product Knowledge Session - Glam Stage)

November 9, 2014 
11:15-11:45am (Fashion Show - Main Stage)
2:15-2:45pm (Product Knowledge Session - Glam Stage)

 *All times EST

Peter Nygård and Bahamas Film Festival

Frankie Flowers - Zoe Saldana - Peter Nygård - Robbie Brenner
On SAT September 17, 2005, Peter Nygård hosted over 600 guests at his NYGÅRD CAY Bahamas Resort for a fundraiser with the Bahamas Int’l Film Festival (BIFF). Peter Nygård was happy to share his home, one of the largest & most breathtaking in the world, to help raise money for the festival.

This event follows last year’s exclusive filmmaker’s retreat that Nygård hosted at NYGÅRD CAY during the 2004 film festival. NYGÅRD CAY has become the quintessential venue for film, charities & inspiration where VIP guests can enjoy films under the stars as well as NYGÅRD CAY's state-of-the-art home movie theatre.

At this event, Director Frankie Flowers & Producer Robbie Brenner introduced the premiere of their new film Haven, starring Orlando Bloom, Zöe Saldana & Anthony Mackie. Haven is a film about two shady businessmen (Paxton & Dillane) who flee to the Cayman Islands to escape federal prosecutors on their tail. Meanwhile their escape ignites a chain reaction that leads a British native (Bloom) to commit a crime that changes the nation. The film Haven could be described as “Pulp Fiction in the Islands.”

Peter Nygård is a strong proponent of education

Peter Nygard Provides Technology to Students.

What do Botswana, Afghanistan, Peru and Moldova have in common?  These are some of the sites that received computers from NYGÅRD,  the globally based company with an innovative approach to technology.

North America's premier fashion house lived up to its mandate, "Where Fashion Meets Technology," by donating 10 computer monitors,  12 keyboards, 20 switches,and a server chassis complete with server blades to schools in developing nations.

The computer donation was made to World Computer Exchange, a not-for-profit UN partner, which works in 71 countries and connects over 1 million students to the internet every year.

The opportunity to make a donation that combined education and technology was fortuitous since Peter Nygård is a strong proponent of education.

Peter Nygard in 50 Fastest Growing Companies

50 Fastest Growing Companies in 2009

Nygård started the label after using his life savings and borrowing $8,000 to invest in an existing clothing maker in 1969.

It was a risky yet typically entrepreneurial move for the Finnish immigrant who occupied, for a time, a converted coal shed in the southwestern Manitoba town of Deloraine upon arriving in Canada with his family in 1952.

Nygård, whose work ethic and exacting standards are legendary, has taken risks and reaped rewards ever since.

He owned the company outright after a few years, and proceeded to build a profitable enterprise that has survived and thrived during four decades in the highly competitive retail industry.

He is not out of place on the floor of his Winnipeg plant, where he knows employees by name and seeks out their feedback.

“Most people would find it quite interesting how involved I am in all aspects of the Company,” Nygård says with a chuckle.

The Hudson Bay Company has carried NYGÅRD clothing for decades – it counts on NYGÅRD’s high quality standards, efficiency and market reads as important components to the company’s strength.

The business strongly reflects his interest and expertise in computers, which has led him to create a paperless and electronically streamlined operation. The company’s slogan is, after all, Where Fashion Meets Technology.

“Our business model is being studied more and more. It produces outstanding results, prompting awards from Microsoft for our programs we have developed in-house,” Nygård says proudly.

This is well demonstrated through his exciting new partnership with U.S. department store owner, Alex Dillard.

The two have done business for years and 50% of NYGÅRD’s annual approaching $1 billion sales comes from the U.S. market.

NYGÅRD has opened 110 Fashion Worlds in 200 Dillard stores that are integrated with the host company’s operations. “It is the best strategic partnership in North America,” Nygård says. “We managed to really merge our two companies.

“We each have our own identity but we’ve taken the bureaucracy and inefficiencies out of the system.”

Nygård is also preparing to open a new flagship women’s apparel showroom in Times Square. Along with putting him at the centre of the fashion world, the high-profile store will showcase the technology that ties together his 330 stores and 1,500 employees, 12,000 worldwide.

Hanging monitors with scrolling messages stream footage from NYGÅRD fashion television network, NFN, communicate with staff and customers, and provide in-store training.

“New York will really be a visible symbol of where fashion meets technology. It really puts the face on our whole company,” says Nygård, who has been followed into the business by some of his children, including daughters Alia and Bianca, who have clothing lines named after them.

“I am a builder,” he says,“ I am an architect building a system, but above all what I build is people. “My greatest job, all the time, is the continual building of the whole staff.”

Peter Nygard offers something for everyone

In Winnipeg’s southend a group of men will congregate around a flat screen TV and chat about the lackluster performance of the city’s beloved football team. To be sure, it is a common sight around town: men sipping lattes at a coffee bar, talking sports.

What makes this group so unique, however, is that they are not at a café in little Italy, but rather at NYGÅRD Fashion, their wives browsing the racks not more than 100 feet away. And so, one by one, they will be called upon for their opinion at the change room and bid farewell to the rest of the men. The cycle will continue until closing time.

“It is a store within a store environment, committed first and foremost to offering the fit for every woman, but having a little something for everyone.

With the café, online kiosks, travel and dry cleaning services, and a real time tailor shop on premises, the NYGÅRD Fashion stores are truly unique. Like the concept, ranging from 10,000- 15,000 sq feet, they are big, showcasing each of the company’s eight brands - Peter Nygård, Bianca Nygård, Bianca Nygård Weekend, NYGÅRD Collection, ALIA, Tan-Jay, Allison Daley and Investments – in an all NYGÅRD product environment. And the response has been extremely positive. So positive, in fact, that in 2008 the company opened locations in Burnaby, Calgary, Mississauga, Winnipeg and Thunder Bay and will be opening others in Kingston and Vancouver in the coming months.

Known for its affordable, high-quality, high fashion clothing, NYGÅRD prides itself not only on offering something for every occasion, but in making women feel their best. At NYGÅRD Fashion, customers can find eveningwear suitable for a show premiere or gala alongside active wear perfect for yoga classes or running the kids to soccer. And all in what they have coined ‘real women sizes’. For the petite woman, clothing is available in sizes four to eight. Regular sizes fit six to 16 and Women’s sizes from 16 to 24.

Special sections like Denim and Black & White carry the staples of any wardrobe while at the Designer Fashion Exchange (DFX) bargain hunters can pick up items for 50 to 90 percent off the regular price. To complete the look, there are chic belts, hats, fashion jewelry, fragrances and more.

In an attempt to interact with and educate the customers, NYGÅRD Fashion stores offer ongoing fit clinics on sizing, colour palettes, seasonal top trends and building a wardrobe that is ageless, timeless and priceless.

Should NYGÅRD Fashion be out of a size or style…no problem. Computer stations allow customers to search NYGÅ and order the product to be delivered free of charge directly to the store, which thanks to the concept and unlike anywhere else, women might even be able to convince the men in their lives to pick up.

Peter Nygard promotes the Bahamas

"The Bahamas is loud and clear in all our advertising," Nygård, founder and chairman of NYGÅRD, one of North America's leading women's fashion houses, told Guardian Business yesterday. "We have got lot of inspiration from The Bahamas [and] a lot of our spring and summer collection that caters to the climate of The Bahamas.

"Right now we're advertising in Times Square with major video screen advertising [and] our fashion shoots in The Bahamas are on display in our window... we use it as venue for showing off clothes."

And at the corner of 40th street and Broadway, the flagship store is positioned for maximum exposure in that prime market. It's home to over one million persons, and is also a high traffic area that sees millions of tourists on a yearly basis. The ads, scenic shots of The Bahamas, could play a large role in warming travelers up to a Bahamas vacation.

They come as a tough U.S. economy has stymied vacation plans for cash-strapped Americans, contributing to a more than 13 percent decrease in air arrivals to this nation compared to the same period in 2008.

Although there are no plans currently in the works for Nygård to launch a similar flagship store in this country, he asserts an expansion of his stores - currently at 200 in Canada - will go a long way in promoting The Bahamas.

It's an expansion that he intends to continue.

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