Peter Nygard discusses fashion with students

Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard walked into the room at LaSalle College International in Jakarta confidently, ready to share with the students his years of experience in the world he loves profoundly.

“It’s probably the fastest moving industry, the fact that it changes very quickly comes as a challenge and an opportunity — it’s a risky business but it also presents a lot of opportunities. That’s the industry you’re getting into,” Nygard told the students about the fashion business.

The founder and chairman of the Canada’s leading women’s fashion house, NYGARD, was recently in town to share his experience and expertise with students at LaSalle during a two-hour fashion clinic at the campus.

He said that in the fashion business, one had to have a lot of energy, a lot of analytical business ability and he had all that.

“And then you have to have the creativity, I didn’t know I had it until I started getting into it, and that became my real love,” Nygård said.

“When I’m creating, that’s my heaven. If I haven’t designed something every day it is a failed day —that’s how much I love fashion.”

Today, Nygård International has three separate divisions: Peter Nygård Signature, the bridge line; Bianca Nygård; and the Nygård Collection, the mid-range assortment. In Canada, Nygård International is based in Toronto, while its world headquarter is in Times Square, New York, which opened in 2009.

* contains excerpts from The Jakarta Post

Peter Nygard Honored

As the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Peter Nygard was honored for his endless support of the Bahamian community during Bahamas Fashion Week. Peter Nygård was recognized for all his efforts within the spectrums of fashion, business, and philanthropy. The ceremony was held at the 'BLUE SKIES' Fashion Show in the Rainforest Theater Crystal Palace.

Kevin Strakan, President & Owner of Fifth Avenue Marketing & Modeling Agency, says "This award is for the person who never says no. Who goes above & beyond when it comes to fashion, advertising and entertainment. Peter Nygard completes the circle, putting the chain together - no broken links. Every year from this point forward there will be a recipient of the 'PETER NYGARD FASHION AWARD'."

Get Cozy with Nygard Slims

Nygard Slims claim to make women look a full size smaller – and for just $49, they’re worth trying ladies! I’m happy with my size, but I can’t pass up a great fit that doesn’t lose shape – love that high waistband too! They come in four fits, various colours and can be purchased directly from Nygard or at Sears or Hudson’s Bay stores in Canada.

Cozy goodness people! I encourage you all to GET COZY over the holidays – take time for yourself and your loved ones, reflect on 2013 and look forward to the New Year!


Nygard Slims Capri

Enjoy the sun with a slimmed down physique!

The Nygard Slims capri has a fashionably high waist that flattens the tummy. The hip and thigh compression ensures that your legs look smooth.

And the Slimcurve Technology sculpts the butt and shapes your curves eliminating saddle bags.

Pair with wedges or gladiator sandals.

Peter Nygard Standard of Excellence

The Standard of Excellence that Peter Nygard has created for the Canadian Women’s Fashion Industry includes the following achievements and practices: 1st manufacturer to have air-conditioned factories; International fabric sourcing; Computer driven patterns; 100% on-time delivery; Impeccable and trusted quality of garments; Consistency of fit; Price honesty; ‘Zero’ charge-backs; Utilizing Nygard’s own retail stores as laboratories to define and learn more about the Nygard customer, and share information with retail customers.

Peter Nygard’s various product lines, each target women over 25 years of age. The Nygard Moderate brands include a collection of colour-related separates focusing on pants as well as a moderate line of coordinates. The Nygard Fashions brands focus on the bridge and better categories. The company maintains its successful website at and has an array of retail stores under the banners NYGÅRD, NYGÅRD Fashion Park, NYGÅRD Fashion, NYGÅRD Fashion World, ALIA, TanJay and Jay Set.

Nygard Slims are Comfy & Chic

NYGÅRD is one of North America’s largest fashion houses dedicated to helping women look and feel their best. It’s not often I come across a “must-have” item, but their new NYGÅRD Slims fit so well into my wardrobe that I am telling everyone I know about this incredible clothing item. Thanks to a trademarked fit technology designed by the company Founder and Chairman Peter Nygård, NYGÅRD Slims not only make a woman look a full size smaller, they give the appearance of longer legs, flatten the stomach, compress away muffin top and saddle bags, and actually lift, shape and sculpt the butt, eliminating the need for body shaping undergarments. Don’t believe me? Peter Nygård really put a lot of thought into this design.

These pants retail for $49 and come in a variety of colors and styles: Legging, Ankle, Straight and Boot Cut. My favorites include both Ankle and Straight because the cut hits me at the right length and most importantly the fit is perfection. I don’t know about you, but the biggest problem I have when shopping for pants is a proper fit in the waist and thighs. I’m a curvy girl and at times, it’s very discouraging to be in the change room for hours trying on pair after pair without success. My new NYGÅRD Slims definitely changed my attitude and helped me see light at the end of the tunnel. I can dress them up or dress them down, wear them with a blazer or blouse.

Pauleanna Reid
Professional Writer, Motivational Speaker

Peter Nygard fashions provide the perfect fit

Anyone who knows fashion knows the Nygard brand is known the world over as “the fit for every woman.”  While Peter Nygard and company continue to dazzle with a wide array of fashion styles for every season and occasion, special attention has been paid to the latest looks for the career woman who wants professional attire that is also stylish and stunning. The Nygard business look is classic, simple, and yet showcases a distinctive design flair that will make career women everywhere the best dressed in the office.

Match Nygard’s Stretch Solid Base Zipper Front Branded Jacket with a Ponte Slim Skirt and you’ve got an ensemble that will be flattering on everyone from the front office coordinator to a top level executive.  The look is timeless, slimming and definitely lets everyone know that you mean business.  For a slightly relaxed variation keep the Ponte Slim Skirt but pair with Nygard’s Stretch Solid Base 1-Button Ruffle Jacket. While still remaining professional, the ruffled front brings just a hint of fun and whimsy that speaks volumes about your personality and individual style. Nygard’s Two-button Multiseam Jacket is the ideal topper for a no-nonsense look. It pairs very well with a ladylike skirt or basic black pant. We also suggest the Shirred Elbow Sleeve Stripped Top which is a perfect complement to this classic jacket. Of course a simple white blouse would also look sharp and extremely professional.

Every working woman should take a few minutes to peruse the latest in Nygard’s modern suiting for the office. We think you’ll be amazed at the designs and pleasantly astounded at the affordable pricing. As Peter Nygard says, “Women should never be afraid to play up their femininity and their own personal style at the office.” Nygard gives every women all the tools to do both and as always, with the “perfect fit.”

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How Nygard Slims work

Our Slimcurve Technology stands out because it works with a woman’s body to enhance it.

The NYGÅRD SLIMS formula shapes and refines what you already have, leaving you with a more confident slender hourglass figure.
NYGÅRD SLIMS don’t squish you into a girdle like undergarment, leaving you looking flat and shapeless.

NYGÅRD SLIMS lift and enhance your lower body, making you feel one size smaller. The fashionably high waist flattens the tummy and eliminates muffin tops. The hip and thigh compression erases any dimples and imperfections making you smooth throughout. Your legs will look 2 - 5 inches longer, and all the more alluring. And that’s not all, the Slimcurve Technology sculpts the butt and shapes your curves eliminating saddle bags.
 All styles are made of a structured knit that is machine washable. For $49 you can have the only pant that enhances your curves while making your waist one size smaller.
Shop the four NYGÅRD SLIMS silhouettes and exciting new colors here.

Nygard Slims for every occasion

Let the slimming begin.
Wear the NYGÅRD SLIMS Legging when you’re looking for a modern, urban look. Pair with slouchy sweaters and knee high boots. Comfortable, essential and now slim.
Wear the NYGÅRD SLIMS Ankle cut for a trendy look. Pair with a chunky heel to emphasize the cut. Simple, chic and now slim.
Wear the NYGÅRD SLIMS Straight for that classic, refined look. Pair with a blouse that hits you at your waistband to elongate the narrow cut of the leg. Fashionable, clean and now slim.
Wear the NYGÅRD SLIMS Boot cut for a balanced look. Flattering both the hips and legs, and now the waist too. Pair with a three piece look for the office. Flattering, relaxed and now slim.

NYGÅRD SLIMS are all about being free

A pant is the foundation for every stylish outfit. So why not start off with a look that is one size smaller? We aren’t talking about layering uncomfortable, thick, spandex underwear or pulling out your grandmother’s girdle. Nygård is offering you a pant this is going to slim and trim, leaving you feeling one size smaller.
NYGÅRD SLIMS are all about being free and not letting your insecurities dictate your fashion choices. With the help of NYGÅRD SLIMS you are free to wear whatever you desire. The compression waistband slims and trims in the front, as the contoured silhouette lifts at the back to enhance your curves. The pant does all the work and you’re left feeling one size smaller, with no compromise in comfort. The key to NYGÅRD SLIMS is the comfort. The pant stretches and moves with you, while retaining its slim shape. The fabric is a great breathable knit that will keep up with you during your daily 9 to 9.
NYGÅRD SLIMS are made for YOU, and we understand that everyone’s closet requires a different cut. We have four cuts that will take you from the office to the weekend, and out again. Shop this slimming pant in Legging, Ankle, Straight and Boot cut. All with the same Slimcurve Technology.

Nygard Slims have Slimcurve technology

Last month I got a special delivery from NYGÅRD Fashions – two pairs of their brand new NYGÅRD Slims collection in legging and bootcut styles. Okay normally I don’t necessarily think of NYGÅRD as the most fashionable place to shop but after I got my black lace top gifted from them earlier this year and wore it to death, I realized that NYGÅRD Fashions can actually not only hold a place in my wardrobe, but can also be a pretty reliable source for classic staples. And these new NYGÅRD Slims pants are exactly that.

I’ve only had them three weeks and they have taken over my wardrobe in a significant way. I wasn’t sure what to expect of them, I mean they are just pants right? I’ve heard that there was a lot of buzz about them and women were loving them much like when they tried on their first pair of Lululemon yoga pants.

And then I tried them on. OMG. I’m not even kidding. All of a sudden I went from a size four to a size zero. Instantly. Magic. They gave a really high waist that flattens the tummy and a hip and thigh compression that makes everything look significantly smaller. Add to that their Slimcurve technology that sculpts the behind and shapes everything. These are basically Spanx pants.

I got two styles – the Slims legging and the Slims straight. Both of these styles can be worn dressy or casual and they are already embedded into my wardrobe. They are only $49 and are available at Hudson’s Bay, Sears, NYGÅRD Stores and Purchase yours today and see the magic for yourself.


Peter Nygård on CTV

Peter Nygård on CTV Morning Live with Terri Apostle ... 

Peter Nygard delivers fashion clinic to students

The buzz of anticipation could be felt in the auditorium as more than 200 students from Central Jakarta’s LaSalle College waited to meet top Canadian fashion executive Peter Nygard.

Nygard delivered a fashion clinic to the eager students in their college’s lecture theater. The designer was visiting Jakarta for a couple of days to open his store within Pacific Place’s Galeries Lafayette, which is featuring Nygard’s exclusive ready-to-wear labels for women, branded Peter Nygard and Bianca Nygard.

“The fashion industry can be a very beneficial and rewarding industry for all of you,” he said. “It certainly is for me.”

But behind its glitz and glamor, the fashion industry is tough. “It’s a lot like the movie industry,” he said. “There are a lot of people who want to be in it. But, it’s very much limited to a few.”

These days, Nygard uses social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to promote his new collections. He encouraged the fashion students to do the same.

“Online is the way to the future,” he said. “Use your social media to promote your works. That’s the best way.”

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Nygard SLIMS eliminate ‘muffin tops’

There are pants that say they are great, and then there are pants that are great. Peter Nygard, exclusive to Dillard’s, has a new pant, Nygard Slims. These are pants that are going to give all other leggings and slim pants a run for their money.

The elastic waistband is high and wide. It fits all shapes. The wide waistband also keeps one from having ‘muffin tops’ (really, that is a very important factor.).

The fabric is substantive, it isn’t glorified tights. You actually feel like you have coverage.

Carolyn Bendall – Fashion Critic

Read the full article.

Peter Nygard discusses his SLIMS line

Fashion icon Peter Nygard was in studio to speak about his SLIMS line. Nygard SLIMS lifts in back and slims in front leaving you feeling one size smaller. This breathable knit pant will stretch and move with you. 

Peter Nygard Awarded Second Queen's Jubilee Medal

Former Lieutenant-Governor Pearl McGonigal and Senator Rod Zimmer presented fashion designer Peter Nygård with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

This is the second time Queen Elizabeth II has bestowed this prestigious honour on Mr. Nygard in 2003 Queen Elizabeth II’s awarded her Golden Jubilee medal, to Peter Nygard as someone who, during her reign “helped create the Canada of today, and to recognize Mr. Nygård for outstanding and exemplary achievement to Canada as a whole”. The fashion mogul is the Founder & Chairman of Nygård, Canada’s largest ladies’ wear manufacturer, and is a pioneer in the Canadian Fashion Industry.

Nygård offers beautiful fashions at various price points – something for every woman to enjoy. Nygård continues to ‘raise the bar’ in the standard of excellence for North America’s Women’s Fashion industry.

Nygård utilizes his wide breadth of influence to support the cause closest to his heart: breast cancer research. Through $2-million-a-year donations, the creation of an endowment fund at CancerCare Manitoba and a myriad of fundraisers to find a cure, Nygård has shown the world that the greatest wealth is giving back.

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Jackie Says Nygard Slims Are In

Her name is Jackie. She's a part time stylist living in the Canadian Prairies with a passion for life and fashion and this is what she had to say about Nygard SLIMS:

Is it just me or is finding the perfect pair of pants, regardless of size, just about impossible? I always have trouble trying to find a pair of pants that fit my body type. I have long legs, a small waist and some black booty – in other words, a perky butt :) And it frustrates me that I always have to spend extra money on tailoring. So I was pretty excited when I heard about Nygård Slims. A pair of pants that flatten the tummy and shape, curve and sculpt the butt. They also elongate the leg and make you look up to five inches slimmer. And the cost? $49!!!

I was beyond honoured when Peter Nygård invited me to try out a pair of his Slims and made time to talk to me about them.

Me: Hello Mr. Nygard! I’m so excited to talk to you about your Slims! I love them!

PN: What makes you feel good about them?

Me: For me, it’s the fit and they’re so easy to put on! I love how the fabric moves and breathes with you!

Read the full interview here.

NYGÅRD SLIMS - a bottom for every occasion

Classic NYGÅRD SLIMS are only $49 and come in 4 different silhouettes. For the economical price of $49, you can buy the boot cut to pair with a pleated peplum for the office and leggings to pair with a novelty button up for an evening out.

Check out NYGÅRD SLIMS in spring time colors such as Khaki, White and Nygård Blue.

Check out NYGÅRD SLIMS here.

Nygard SLIMS rock Junos

Shaw TV Host, Tracy Koga rocked The Junos in NYGÅRD SLIMS! She looked gorgeous strutting the red carpet, interviewing nominees and celebrating the night away in our daring NYGÅRD SLIMS Moto!

Nygard SLIMS showcased

Winnipeg’s spring had a splash of style and charm as Manitoba’s favourite son Peter J. Nygård showcased his Nygård SLIMS creations on Friday, March 21 at the Nygård’s Kenaston Fashion Park.

Over 500 people including dignitaries and fashionistas attended the Nygård SLIMS Fashion Show. The guests were treated with wine and hors d’oeuvre as they enjoyed the colourful show that featured aerial performers, a modern dance troupe and four dogs in a supporting role.

Lovely models including nine breast cancer survivors together and 16 Nygård employee models graced the runway with their SLIMS pants.

“SLIMS will revolutionize the clothing industry,” said Peter J. Nygård who personally designed the SLIMS with his revolutionary Slimcurve Technology – it flattens the tummy, shapes the butt, lengthens the legs, and makes a woman feel and look like she is one size smaller.

Nygård SLIMS is now very popular as it has given women of all ages and sizes the affordable pants that enhance their curves. It fits ladies from size XS to XL that suits all occasions: office wear, casual wear or night-out wear. It comes in various colours and has four leg openings from Legging, Ankle, Straight and Boot. The Nygård team also indicated that as the weather warms up, SLIMS will soon be available in leather-style, prints and new trendy colours.

Peter Nygard on NYGÅRD SLIMS

Why did you decide to call these fabulous pants NYGÅRD SLIMS? And, what are the features?

Peter Nygard: Really trims the waist and gets rid of the muffin top of the bottom. It shapes, curves and sculpts the butt, as well as lifting it. They are the first hybrid of a pant. They aren't pants and they aren’t spanx, they are a combination of both. They slim the waist, gets rid of the muffin top of the bottom, slims the leg to make them appear more shapely and longer. Lastly, there is usually extra fabric around the crotch, but with NYGÅRD SLIMS you don’t get that. There isn't any extra fabric at the crotch.

What do you suggest pairing with the NYGÅRD SLIMS with?

Peter Nygard: Let’s start from the bottom up. Boots are very fashionable. Straight leg is for the 3-4 inch heel. Boot cut is for the really high heel, such as a 6 inch heel. It makes the legs look 5 inches longer. High waist is fashionable. Wear it normally with a tunic and it can be worn with a short jacket.

Is there anything you would like anyone to know about NYGÅRD SLIMS?

Peter Nygard: Always go a size smaller from what you normally are. So, if you are normally a medium, a small will fit the best by shaping the legs, and bottom nicely. Otherwise, they’ll be a bit big.

Read the full Interview here.