Peter Nygard supported and developed sports in The Bahamas.

This is a country on an urgent mission to inspire and motivate the young generations to develop into responsible citizens capable of being responsible leadership individuals, and one of the most effective disciplines in the preparation of those management and leadership activities is sports.

Peter Nygard has made his particular mark in his contribution to the advancement of sports in this country.

For more than two decades, even as Peter Nygard has successfully pursued his career as an outstanding fashion designer around the world, he has remained committed to the promotion and funding of various sporting disciplines, particularly among young Bahamians.
Recently a local sports publication perhaps most beautifully summed up the legacy of Peter Nygard as follows:
“Peter Nygard is an exceptional person person where he has committed to establishing The Bahamas as a dominant power in sports internationally. His financial support comes with his involvement as well.
“His compassion for The Bahamas and for our success resonates with his many contributions  to all areas of The Bahamas’ growth whether sports or the environment. However, sports  are his baby, as he is  a very competitive person himself and a former athlete.”
It is true that in today’s Bahamas there are other millionaires and even billionaires, some of whom are daily enriched through their various investments and enterprises. Yet few come anywhere near to the status of Peter Nygard, who has made it clear that no stumbling block cast in his path will dull the edge of his generosity.
In fact some time back a section of the media commented that over those years perhaps no other person has contributed more to the support and development of sports in The Bahamas.