A Young Peter Nygard Gave A Most Self-Sacrificing Gift To His Parents

How can one tell if an individual is of a giving kind, generous and altruistic? People are often advised to watch what an individual does more than what they say. Peter Nygard’s altruistic nature was on full display early in his life.

From the time the Nygard family emigrated from Finland, when Peter Nygard was ten years old, Peter’s parents wanted to open up their own bakery. His father, Eeli Nygard, had built a great reputation in Helsinki Finland as a baker. Eeli wanted to share his talents in the family’s new land of opportunity, Winnipeg, Canada.

Having started out with nothing, it was a long while before Peter Nygard’s parents could realize their dream of opening their own bakery. After years of hard work, the time had come. However, the money they scraped up wasn’t enough.

Fresh out of college and working his first job as an adult, Peter Nygard decided to sell his much- loved car to help his parents realize their dream of opening their own bakery.  Though he didn’t mind the sacrifice, Peter Nygard had to walk to work every day until he could afford to purchase another car.

Although Peter Nygard had parents who demonstrated the best values that they instilled in him and his sister, Liisa, while growing up, Peter Nygard’s giving nature went beyond anything that was expected. Parents certainly don’t look to their kids to sacrifice on their behalf. In fact, it’s parents who are in the habit of sacrificing on behalf of their children. This made Peter Nygard’s gift to his parents really special.

What Peter Nygard did for his parents is the true definition of sacrifice; in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Synonyms it describes a series of synonyms for sacrifice: “forgo, forbear, abnegate, eschew, sacrifice are comparable when they denote to deny oneself something for the sake of an end. One forgoes for the sake of policy, expediency, or the welfare of others something already enjoyed or indulged in, or within reach…”

While some individuals may be prepared to give of themselves, how many are prepared to make major sacrifices in order to give to others? In a world filled with hate and denigration, there are some that would never do so. Fortunately, there are also a number of individuals filled with goodness who are prepared to be self-sacrificing for the good of others.

From early in life, Peter Nygard’s good will has always been on full display. It’s always been who he is. It’s no wonder that his life is littered with examples of his giving to countless individuals at the time of their need.