Peter Nygard's unequalled civilian support of the military

On Friday, December 2 2005 @ a gala dinner and fashion show at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, Winnipeg's own cavalry regiment, the Fort Garry Horse formally recognized Peter Nygard for the leadership and support he has demonstrated toward the Canadian military by appointing him Honorary Captain to the legendary Fort Garry Horse Regiment and elected Senator to the Fort Garry Horse Regiment Senate

LCol Sabatier, Commanding Officer of the Fort Garry Horse regiment said "Mr. Nygard, your track record as a supporter of Canada’s serving soldiers and your willingness to share a visible affiliation with one of Winnipeg’s proud Reserve Regiments not only serves as an encouragement to my Regiment’s soldiers, but to the Canadian military as a whole … for the leadership and support you have shown towards the Reserves and our Regiment. We would like to also extend the offer to serve as a Senator and advisor to our Regiment, and future Commanding Officers within our Regiment, as your duties and time allow.

When presenting the Honorary Captain scroll Col Solar remarked "the awards are being presented based on Peter Nygard's unequalled civilian support of the military & his outstanding philanthropic humanitarian efforts." Mr. Nygard was humbled by the honour and graciously accepted both prestigious awards.