Peter Nygard Always Engages In Random Acts of Kindness

While the mark of a man cannot always be detected from acts that are plotted out and carefully planned, it can definitely be determined from his random acts.

Peter Nygard is known to be generous when countless people request sponsorship, whether it’s for sporting sponsorships or medical emergencies or community events. He would always come through. However, what people don’t know is that Peter Nygard engages in many random acts of kindness.

One example of that was Peter Nygard paying for an individual’s cancer treatment after hearing that this individual, who he barely knew, had cancer. Many other instances happen with the associates within his company. Stories are not just told about how Peter Nygard paid for the medical treatment of his associates, but of this associate’s mother or that associate’s mother and other relatives of various associates.

A story is told about how a line employee received a surprising call one day from Peter Nygard while Nygard was abroad internationally. Nygard told the associate that he heard that his brother had multiple sclerosis. In his research, Peter Nygard had come across a new treatment for the disease and offered to pay for the associate’s brother to receive it.

Peter Nygard wasn’t just going to pay for the treatment. He paid for the airline ticket to travel to the country and the hotel and all the associated cost for the associate’s brother to get the treatment.  Who does that? Only the most generous and kindhearted of persons.

Another associate shared her experience with everyone at work for years about how Peter
Nygard helped her. Here’s what she described happened: “I’ll never forget about five years ago two weeks before Christmas. I got a phone call from Mr. Nygard from Milan, Italy. He said, ‘Rene I think I found a cure for your knee. I’ve already taken the procedure to make sure it works. It works.’

“My knee was so bad; I could hardly walk. Then I got a call from the travel office. The next thing I know, I am on my way to Italy, and the next day I had the procedure done.

When I think about it, I still can’t believe it. A couple of days after the procedure, I was able to walk and NO MORE PAIN! I remember seeing Mr. Nygard coming down the hallway and yelling at him, ‘I can walk. I have no pain!’

“Peter Nygard is the reason I feel great! I will never know how I can thank him for everything.

Mr. Nygard is also doing this for many other associates.”  These are just some of the many random acts of kindness Peter Nygard engages in.