Helping Is What Peter Nygard Does, Ask Finnish Veterans

Like all Finns, Peter Nygard is a proud Finn, and every Finn has a right to be. As a whole, Finns
are known to possess a special quality that they call “sisu”, which is demonstrating resolve,
tenacity, a grit. Sharing a border with Russia, they’ve had to. Sisu has served them well
throughout their history.

Finland proved itself to be a tiny but mighty nation in its efforts to keep the Soviet Union at bay.
They repelled every attempt to subjugate them. How they managed it is impressive. An example
of one tactic this David used against the Soviet Goliath during the ‘Winter War’ was to use bed
sheets as a covering to blend in with the snow. Adept skiers, the Finn soldiers maneuvered
through the forests to successfully launch small attacks on the Soviet’s soldiers and their

Throughout all of the Finn-Soviet conflicts, the Soviet Union’s grasp remained elusive even with
the Soviets overwhelming numbers and equipment. And while Finland was not able to win any
outright, Finnish soldiers were able to deliver significant damage to the Soviet soldiers during
several of their battles. As a result, treaties were created to settle things, and a quiet uneasiness
followed the years of battles.

The Finns achievements were extraordinary, but there was a reluctance to publicly laud the Finn
soldiers’ successful efforts to keep the Soviets at bay. The Finns understood the risk of poking
the bear. While they were being cared for over the years, some Finnish veterans still felt
forgotten; that is until Peter Nygard stepped into the picture.

Though warned against any public displays, Peter Nygard wanted to celebrate the victorious
efforts of his compatriots in keeping Finland an independent nation. In 1994, Peter Nygard and
his Mom, Hilkka, returned to his birthplace for a visit. Wanting to find a way to pay homage to
the veterans of the Winter War in Finland, to show his gratitude for their service, Peter Nygard
invited a former Miss Finland to visit the war veterans’ home along with him.

An April 1994 Finnish newspaper article entitled “Peter Nygard and Tanja Vienonen visit the
War Veterans,” describes how veterans were teary eyed and touched at being remembered. Peter
Nygard communicated to them that he wanted to help in any way he could.

Following that visit Peter Nygard donated medical and electrical beds to the veterans’ home and
continued to give generously to various veteran causes in Finland over the years.

Peter Nygard is said to attribute his own success to the Finns successful fight for freedom and
references them in many of his speeches. As a result of his efforts to show appreciation to them,
the Finnish veterans love Peter Nygard and have recognized him with a number of awards to
show their appreciation.

This is yet another example of Peter Nygard’s generous nature to give wherever he can.

Helping is definitely what Peter Nygard does.