Canadian Embassy Remained Open In Finland Thanks In Part To Peter Nygard

A good sign that someone is a genuinely kind person is that they always go above and beyond
the call of duty. Peter Nygard’s entire life is marked by him going above and beyond, doing
“more than one is required or expected to do” (Merriam-Webster).

This propensity to continuously help is ingrained in him. Peter Nygard only need hear that there
is a person in need or a situation in need of help and he steps in and steps up to assist. It’s exactly
what he did with Finland. While visiting Finland, Peter Nygard learned that there were plans to
close the Canadian Embassy. So he stepped in to help.

Award-winning Finnish reporter Rita Tainola interviewed Peter Nygard on one of his visits to
Finland. She reported that Peter Nygard was partly to thank for the Canadian Embassy in Finland
staying open and reported on his efforts to assist: “Sad news came a while ago when Canada said it will close its Embassy. ‘I did my utmost so that the Canadian government would not do it. I called the Canadian Prime Minister directly and the highest authorities, and I sent lots of letters. But Canadian Finns also did a great job as well as your Foreign Ministry.’ Nygard says. And so it happened that they did not close the Canadian Embassy.”

Peter Nygard grew up in Canada; yet he felt the need to extend himself to help his birth country
even though no one had asked him to. All of Nygard’s investments were in Canada and
elsewhere, but it didn’t matter to him. Helping is what Peter Nygard does.

Some investors and business executives tend to care only about issues that relate to their business
or that would help increase their profits. Not Peter Nygard. It is clear from the many
demonstrations of him going above and beyond to assist people in all sorts of areas, like sports,
like community development, like with cancer eradication, like education, and like with all sorts
of medical challenges, that he genuinely cares.

To top it off, Peter Nygard doesn’t just help within his local community, he helps on a global
scale with countries everywhere like with giving business loans in Asia and helping veterans in
Finland, and donating to cancer causes in Canada, and contributing to community development
and sponsoring athletes in The Bahamas.

It appears that going above and beyond the call of duty is Peter Nygard’s sense of duty.