The House of Peter Nygard

Nygard International is a women’s fashion label whose founder and chairman is the Finnish born Canadian, Peter J. Nygard. Peter Nygard began this fashion business house using $ 8,000 in 1967, that during years later evolved into one of the Top International fashion brands with his appealing lines of women’s garments, particularly the pants, worth considerably more than $ 850 million.

In the House of Nygard International the ladies wear pants, and Peter Nygard patterns those pants to compliment them beautifully on the ladies’ figures and to fit them reasonably in those ladies’ budgets!

Although many businesses, together with almost all the global class fashion brands, are impacted by their relationships with China, Peter Nygard is swayed by his connection with the Bahamas, an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean close to the Florida Keys in Florida. Peter Nygard purchased a section of property, four acres in size, and called it Nygard Cay, to reside and work from.

Nygard Cay, this ‘Robin Crusoe playground’, has every romantic thrill money can purchase. There are non-public beaches, beach-ball courts, tennis courts, pools, spas, salons, massage parlors, and of course, bars. Of course the list of guests is as ‘classy’ as itself. Many of the dignitaries that made their appearance at this no-expense-spared architectural wonder are Sean Connery and Robert DeNiro, the well renowned Hollywood actors; Oprah Winfrey, the world famous TV business personality; and the former President George H.W. Bush (the senior Bush).

Peter Nygard’s Philanthropy demonstrates that he is a man of compassionate heart. He has donated  millions over the years to breast cancer research. He has been a sports fanatic and has received a quantity of sports and community service honours.

His service to society has been acknowledged by the governments of Canada, the US, the Bahamas, and France, to identify a few, and there is a lengthy list of awards presented to him for his entrepreneurship and his participation in sports and service to society in general.