Peter Nygard discusses amazing new technology

Peter Nygard is a pioneer and risk taker and is now planning to finance extensive research into the promising human therapeutic benefits of SCNT- Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer.

He has recruited global medical leaders to join him in his new prime mission and he is planning to build a world-class medical facility in the Bahamas where this amazing technology will be employed to change the way we deal with disease and enhance the longevity of Mankind.

Peter Nygard invited some of the world's most prominent doctors and specialists to Nygard biotech, a leader in the fields of life extension, wellness and longevity .

"My main interest for the last 15 years has been stem cells potential treatment for Parkinson's disease and in recent times thanks to encouragement from Peter Nygard, I've gotten interested in the potential application of stem cells to reverse aging."

"I'm a stem cell guy and I got connected with Peter Nygard when he recognized that using stem cells might be one way to both understand and also reverse the aging process."