Peter Nygards Business Approach

While the advent of the Internet has brought some security challenges to our lives, it has also opened up a deep well of resources for businesses across the world, and has given entrepreneurs access to lots of strategies and tools to help them achieve success. A particular advantage is the ability to review the successful steps of others.

Another area fashion mogul Peter Nygard focused on to align various parts of his business to ensure success was in product development and product delivery.

One of his organizational processes is to determine the customers’ views and desires to ensure there is a match between what the customer wants and what products his company is producing.

Nygard used a type of 360-degree approach to be able to discover his customers’ views. In addition to asking the customer directly, the company was one of the first to formally invite the sales agent into the product development process at the start of the design cycle to have their input on the customers’ views.

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