Peter Nygard Success Was Inevitable

There is no magic formula to create high levels of success. Yet, if you study those who have achieved remarkable levels of success, like fashion mogul Peter Nygard, you can clearly see the elements that made their success even inevitable.

One of the challenges we face, especially in the workplace, is the lack of attention to details. You’ll even hear people refer to themselves as a ‘forest’ kind of person or as a ‘trees’ kind of person—meaning that they are someone who focuses on the big picture or someone who focuses on details, respectively.

While a big-picture focus is important for strategic thinking, effectively executing strategy definitely requires ‘trees’ thinking.

In studying what Nygard did to create the level of success he’s had in his business, you can’t help but realize that it is obvious based on the way he worked.

Peter Nygard has a reputation for paying uncompromising attention to details. It is said that he took two years to develop his revolutionary SLIMs pants, that he spent one week with fourteen-hour days just designing the waist of the pant.

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