Peter Nygards competitive spirit was always present

First bike purchased with paper route money
It is likely that if we look back on the early years of successful people, we will see signs of their future success. Whether it’s reflected in their attitudes, approach to tasks or demonstrated in their actions, there is usually an indication of where that individual is headed. For fashion mogul Peter Nygard, the signs came early in his life, even in the midst of his family’s focus on survival.

Living in poverty in their new land, survival was the order of the day. So Peter went from collecting Coke bottles out of ditches to starting his own paper route at the age of twelve. For Peter, it was only natural to always work hard. He’d watch his parents do it all of his young life. So, it wasn’t long before one paper route turned into three. Soon he had to hire help. He hired two neighbourhood boys and his sister to help deliver the newspapers while he focused on collections.

However, it wasn’t enough for Peter to do what everyone else was doing. He had learned at a very early age what it was to compete from his Finnish culture. Before the age of ten, Peter was competing in ‘Mini Olympic’ events back in Finland. And, it wasn’t just about competing. He had seen his parents win awards at community sporting events. Therefore, in Peter’s mind, you had to not only compete; you had to win!

Peter’s competitive spirit was always present and even in delivering papers he wanted to be the best.

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