Nygard Offers Reward Program

When it comes to satisfying our shopping addiction, we could all use a little more money! So why not earn points every time your friends and family shop with us? Become a NYGÅRD Insider, earn points to spend online and get the items you want for less. Sign up today, it’s free!

How does it work?

That’s right…every time your friends or family members purchase an item from one of our flagship brands (Luxe Denim Slims or Peter Nygård Jeans), you’ll earn points which you can then redeem online. Every point you earn is worth $1.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll earn NYGÅRD points every time somebody you refer shops with us online. As an example, if you refer 5 friends who each spend $50, you’ll receive 25 NYGÅRD points, which is equal to $25 you can spend next time you shop with us! Here’s a quick rundown on the numbers to give you an idea on how much you could earn:

What’s in it for my friend?

Sharing is caring, which is why every time you sign up a new friend, you’ll be giving them an amazing 20% off their first purchase with us. Plus, they can earn points when they refer friends too!

Ready to become a NYGÅRD Insider and start earning your way to a new pair of jeans? Simply click the button below to get started.