Peter Nygard has recruited global medical leaders

It appears that we are squandering an opportunity to add diversity to our economic growth potential by refusing the contributions of fashion mogul Peter Nygard to The Bahamas in the area of stem cell research and medical tourism.

From time to time in the Bahamas, we have allowed ourselves to get upset and outraged by things that are not necessarily factual. We allow a few possibly well-intention individuals, but woefully misinformed, to influence our thinking and guide our actions.

We cannot allow the blind to lead the blind. And, we cannot let our own ignorance on issues cause us to be left behind in a world that is constantly changing and progressing by leaps and bounds. I fear that is happening in the arena of stem cell research.

It is important to have a full understanding of the issues to be able to make intelligent decisions so that the personal agendas of others do not mistakenly influence our thinking and cause us to do their bidding.

Mr. Nygard has recruited global medical leaders to join him in his new prime mission and he is building a world-class medical facility in the Bahamas where this amazing technology will be employed to change the way we deal with disease and enhance the longevity of Mankind.”

This is the vision we have stopped with our insensible outrage. How foolish we look when we allow our lack of knowledge to lead us to imprudently reject things that are in our own best interest.

So, why would we shoot ourselves in the foot, cut off our noses to spite our faces, and reject Nygard’s $100 Million Stem Cell Medical Facility that would bring countless jobs and countless medical tourists to The Bahamas that could truly boost our economy?

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