Nygard Fashions says it time for Spring Cleaning

Nygard Fashions can help spruce up your wardrobe without going over budget. Here are some quick and easy ideas for a Spring Time Makeover with all garments under $50.

Go ahead and pick your favourite, or at this price point go ahead and pick two!

Bold colourful print is the look for spring. From alluring cheetah print to feminine floral, wearing print comes down to personal expression. Pick a print that fits your style.

Try something new, whether it’s a different silhouette to flatter your shape or something out of the ordinary like hardware embellishment. Being a little daring can bring out a brand new you.

For those brisk mornings or cool evenings cardigans and pullovers are still needed. Instead of sticking to the dark and dreary let your toppers take on a spring time hue!

And the best bottom for all?  Nygard Slims. Our classic Nygard Slims are only $49 and come in 4 different silhouettes. For this low price of $49, you can buy the boot cut to pair with a pleated peplum for the office and leggings to pair with a novelty button up for a special evening out. Check out Nygard Slims in spring time colors such as Khaki, White and Nygard Blue.

So get into “Spring Cleaning”!  Purge your closet and ignite that desire for new spring looks. Infuse your wardrobe with new trends, flattering silhouettes and spring time hues and really enjoy this time of year!