Peter Nygard not a stranger to Bahamian athletics

When it comes to Bahamian athletics Peter Nygård is definitely not a stranger.

Over the years Nygård's love of sports and his desire to help people succeed has motivated him to sponsor many Bahamian athletes. For example for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia Nyård sponsored the "Golden Girls" relay team and they subsequently ended up winning the first gold medal for the Bahamas.

Again in 2002, Nygård was instrumental in helping the Amateur Boxing Federation of the Bahamas take its team to Martinique. In recent years his support for beach volleyball has grown, making significant contributions to The Bahamas Volleyball Federation and The Bahamas National Beach Volleyball team.

Many times you can actually catch ordinary Bahamians plying volleyball on his Estate at Nygard Cay.

And quite often you'll find Peter in the thick of it!