Peter Nygard Fun Facts

Most memorable boating moment: On my first yacht, cruising the Out Islands and the Grenadines

If you had another pass at a career, what would it be: Movie production. I’d be a director.

Closest boating buddy: A guy named Dennis Connor…I used to be his sparring partner preparing for the 1976 Olympics. We were on the water hours and hours together, sailing side by side. Dennis really got me to be an Olympic-caliber athlete in sailing.

Last book read: I watch The History Channel and National Geographic

Favorite dance music: Latest hits—hip-hop

Proudest moment: There are many—to name a few: meeting President George Bush Sr. when he visited my home in the Bahamas; having dinner with Mikhail Gorbachev in the Kremlin.

First job: Collecting Coke bottles from ditches when I was about eight years old and selling them for 2 cents a piece so we could buy water, which was 25 cents, and survive another day

Favorite movie: Movies that are biographical/history based, for example, “Alexander the Great” and “Julius Caesar”

Preferred wheels: Hummer 1

Preferred wings: Super 727—the love of my life! It’s not just a 727; it’s a 727 with a special hot engine.

Favorite clothing designer: Hugo Boss, but I mainly make my own clothing—leather jackets, jeans.

Favorite cruising grounds: Bahamas

Favorite sport: I played and excelled in every sport—basketball, badminton, track and field, decathlons. I think the sports ability in me actually trained my business ability—the competitiveness, practice and hard work.

Favorite port: NygårdCay

Latest impulse purchase: My airplane. I don’t go around spending money like that. I had been looking for the ultimate way to travel for a long time. Ideal day: To have designed something—that is when I am most happy.