Peter Nygard cannot turn down a friend

Peter Nygard with King Eric
WHILE he admitted that he would like to see a better support system in place to fund local sporting events to counteract what he has done over the past two decades, businessman Peter Nygard said he never says no to his long-time friend and brother, King Eric Gibson.

Nygard, during a press conference at his unique house at Nygard Gay in Lyford Cay, presented Gibson with a cheque for $10,000 for the Acklins Regatta August 1-4. It’s expected that the regatta site at Spring Point will be named in honour of Gibson.

Nygard said when he was contacted by Gibson, he couldn’t turn him down because “he’s the King.”

Additionally, Nygard has made a contribution to just about every regatta held in the country. He noted that Gibson has been responsible for getting him to assist the regattas, but when he was approached this time, he couldn’t turn down his friend.

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