Peter Nygard promotes the Bahamas

"The Bahamas is loud and clear in all our advertising," Nygård, founder and chairman of NYGÅRD, one of North America's leading women's fashion houses, told Guardian Business yesterday. "We have got lot of inspiration from The Bahamas [and] a lot of our spring and summer collection that caters to the climate of The Bahamas.

"Right now we're advertising in Times Square with major video screen advertising [and] our fashion shoots in The Bahamas are on display in our window... we use it as venue for showing off clothes."

And at the corner of 40th street and Broadway, the flagship store is positioned for maximum exposure in that prime market. It's home to over one million persons, and is also a high traffic area that sees millions of tourists on a yearly basis. The ads, scenic shots of The Bahamas, could play a large role in warming travelers up to a Bahamas vacation.

They come as a tough U.S. economy has stymied vacation plans for cash-strapped Americans, contributing to a more than 13 percent decrease in air arrivals to this nation compared to the same period in 2008.

Although there are no plans currently in the works for Nygård to launch a similar flagship store in this country, he asserts an expansion of his stores - currently at 200 in Canada - will go a long way in promoting The Bahamas.

It's an expansion that he intends to continue.

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