Peter Nygård – A man who ‘lives and breathes' The Bahamas

Peter Nygård lives in the Bahamas. He lives there by choice – and he lives there with family.

Nygård became a Bahamian in the early 1980's. Immediately upon arriving, he became an avid environmentalist and remains so to this day. Nygård is also a humanitarian by nature and practice, and has been described as the most sustained, philanthropic champion for the Bahamian people. He is known for his passion in seeking protection of the environment, especially around Nygård Cay.

Nygård, an ardent athlete himself, has also supported sports, the sporting community and indeed the arts in the Bahamas – both specifically and at large. He has in fact hosted many Olympic and amateur sports training events and celebrations at his private residence in the Bahamas, mentoring numerous athletes. Nygård’s gracious hospitality in this regard was noticed when he held the "National Family Island Regatta" at his Nygård Cay home, which included a press conference to honour Bahamian musician “King" Eric Gibson. Furthermore, Wellington Miller, President of the Bahamas Olympic Committee, said "Nygård has contributed significantly to the Amateur Boxing Association of the Bahamas and certainly toward ‘Olympic' success." And it's not just boxing. Nygård has come through time and time again for the Bahamian National sports teams, including track and field, volleyball and more. He in fact sponsored the "Golden Girls" relay team at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, during which the team won the first Olympic gold medal for the Bahamas.

The giving is endless. Currently, Nygård gives the full use of his home to the Bahamian National Defence Force, which is working in partnership with the Clifton Heritage Foundation in the running of a 6-week summer camp for approximately 700 inner city kids - yes – all being hosted at Nygård Cay. Yet – all things considered, Peter Nygård is perhaps best known for his generosity in sharing Nygård Cay with the Bahamian people - and certainly for his financial support of their activities. Nygård doesn't just live in the Bahamas – he has a record of giving to the people of the Bahamas:

  •  Over $10 million to the Bahamian economy 
  • Over $200k to sports and culture 
  • Over $40k to youth organizations

Nygård is also a man of the future; he has advocated for one of the most progressive Bills in the history of the Bahamas and he stands on record as prepared to invest over $30 million in a new Health Park-Stem Cell Research facility. He is presently in the process of scouting various locations in the Bahamas that may have the capacity to host the requirements. This very endeavour has the potential to save millions of lives right in the Bahamas - and certainly around the world. Nygård’s profound desire is that this expensive, difficult work would to be done in his chosen home country, the Bahamas, where it will also create jobs for many Bahamians and simultaneously boost the Bahamian economy in general. The potential for the planned world-class biotech facility, founded in the memory of and loving respect of Nygård's parents, (Eeli and Hilkka Nygård - who also loved the Bahamas), has the mission to serve Bahamians without class barriers or consideration.

Looking back over 30 years - and paying close regard to his vision for the future, it is easy to see that Peter Nygård really does “live and breathe the Bahamas."