Peter Nygard Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

Peter Nygård, Founder & Chairman of NYGÅRD International, was inducted into the University North Dakota (UND) Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.

The UND Entrepreneur Hall of Fame was established in 1986 by the UND's Center for Innovation to recognize longstanding (25 years or more) UND entrepreneurs for their entrepreneurial contributions nationally and internationally. The award citation committee agreed that Peter Nygård should be recognized for "his leadership & significant contributions to the fashion industry through Nygård International. Peter's 35 years of significant and successful growth and use of technology in a very competitive industry, made him an excellent choice for this award".

The award signifies Nygård's innovative spirit in many areas -- building products, processes, technologies, businesses & organizations -- for solving problems & inventing new concepts. By doing so he has contributed immeasurably to the standard of living, economy & general well-being of an enormous number of people.

Peter Nygård's vision & commitment to excellence in quality fashion, service & innovative thinking has made his company a benchmark in IT and e-Commerce for many others.