Peter Nygard and staff loyalty

Peter Nygard is responsible for the employment of many associates worldwide & the company continues to grow rapidly. He  has personally designed all of the company’s distribution systems & centres, his clarity of organizational structure has lead to the complete design of the company’s infrastructure. Company associates know him as an involved Chairman of the Board, one who needs to & does know every aspect of his company's multifaceted business & the way each interacts with the other.

The company’s sustained growth is due in large measure to the staff loyalty that has developed toward Peter Nygård. This can be partially explained by Peter Nygård’s charismatic personality & the fact that Peter Nygård has stood by people, working as a mentor to many people in the company. As one long-time associate explained, "He gives everyone the opportunity to do what he or she wants in the company; there are no shut doors – no barriers. If you want to change scope, let your manager know what you are looking for; if you are willing to make the commitment, there is no end to what you can do."

Peter Nygård's personal contact has instilled a tremendously successful & coherent management team each in tune with the other. All have huge confidence in each other; it is a very cohesive team starting at the top.

Nygård’s mottos: ‘You don’t get something for nothing & you have to earn what you get’ & ‘You don't know how far you can go until you push the limits’, are instilled in all NYGÅRD Associates.