Five outfit work week with Nygard Fashions

With Nygard Fashions putting together a stylish five outfit work week has never been so easy.

Monday - Add movement to your Monday with a business skirt that isn’t pencil shaped 

Tuesday - Follow your animal instict with this zebra print pattern 

Wednesday - Power through your day in a structured suit 

Thursday - Trade in structure for a playful polka dot 

Friday - Celebrate the end of the work week with a pop of color 

Putting together a work wardrobe can be daunting, but Nygard Fashions is here to assist with a few speedy fixes. Consider your wardrobe as something you are required to build. Buy key pieces that have longevity and add a bit of trend or personal style with some interchangeable must- haves. By creating a foundation for your work you take the puzzle out out of getting dressed in the morning.

With Nygard fashions, you’re well on your way to a style promotion every day of your work week!