Indigo Knit Denim added to Nygard Slims Line

NYGÅRD is celebrating the official launch of its newest INDIGO collection in Winnipeg, MB.

The INDIGO KNIT DENIM Collection is a revolutionary development for Women's Denim. The careful development of the line was overseen by designer Peter Nygård, by incorporating ground-breaking KNIT DENIM production with the patented SLIMCURVE TECHNOLOGY.  He brings to the market a fashionable denim product that shapes curves and rounds out bottoms for a desirable silhouette. This collection replaces all of the ill fitting denim in the wardrobes for women of all sizes.

"This is the most revolutionary, most exciting product I have ever designed in 45 years in this industry. This product is one that really will do you a world of favours…you will love it. It will slim you, it will trim you and above all it will shape you. NYGÅRD SLIMSTM, just try it on, it will feel beautiful, make you beautiful and make you slim…I guarantee it."

- PETER NYGÅRD – Founder & Chairman, Nygård International

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