Nygard SLIMS will slim, trim and shape you!

"This is the most revolutionary, most exciting product I have ever designed in 45 years in this industry. This product is one that really will do you a world of favours…you will love it. It will slim you, it will trim you and above all it will shape you. Nygard SLIMS, just try it on, it will feel beautiful, make you beautiful and make you slim…I guarantee it."

PETER NYGÅRD – Founder & Chairman, Nygard International

NYGÅRD SLIMS is opening the first of its kind stand-alone SLIMS retail store, giving women a lift with its launch. The NYGÅRD SLIMS store will be located at Uptown within Victoria's premiere outdoor shopping centre. The store's doors will open on Saturday, August 1st at 10:00 am.

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