Nygard Slims - Let the slimming begin

A pant is the foundation for every stylish outfit. So why not start off with a look that is one size smaller? We aren’t talking about layering uncomfortable, thick, spandex underwear or pulling out your grandmother’s girdle. Nygård is offering you a pant this is going to slim and trim, leaving you feeling one size smaller.

NYGÅRD SLIMS are all about being free and not letting your insecurities dictate your fashion choices. With the help of NYGÅRD SLIMS you are free to wear whatever you desire. The compression waistband slims and trims in the front, as the contoured silhouette lifts at the back to enhance your curves. The pant does all the work and you’re left feeling one size smaller, with no compromise in comfort. The key to NYGÅRD SLIMS is the comfort. The pant stretches and moves with you, while retaining its slim shape. The fabric is a great breathable knit that will keep up with you during your daily 9 to 9.

NYGÅRD SLIMS are made for YOU, and we understand that everyone’s closet requires a different cut. We have four cuts that will take you from the office to the weekend, and out again. Shop this slimming pant in Legging, Ankle, Straight and Boot cut. All with the same Slimcurve Technology.

Let the slimming begin.

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